Notre Dame Church of Dinard!

Moving right along showcasing the best and even the off the beaten path trails of my belle France I bring you back to my Brittany! The region alone is a treasure chest of beauties to be seen and discovered by most visitors to France, especially those from outside of Europe.

The town of Dinard, is in dept 35 Ille et Vilaine and itself fully loaded for things to see as in my previous posts. However, decided to tell you more about the Notre Dame Church.

We were sightseeing the city and as always did our usual walking around, walk long and my team was beginning to be tired, but i kept pushing as i have read about a Church in a section of the city along the big bay. We walked we arrived and were pleasantly surprise to what we saw. The Notre Dame Church is on a hill overlooking the wide boulevard des Maréchaux.


Of course, finding information on the Church is another matter, it is so off the beaten path and little information is published even in the city tourist office or city/town hall. From scratching from several religious sites I was able to find bits of information.


The construction of the Notre Dame Church dates from the middle of the 19C. It was done on a single plane of three naves. The Church has stained glass windows, some old paintings and statues.


The organ was built in 1986 in a style inspired by the French Baroque era. This organ replaces a previous instrument built in 1926 by the manufacture Convers-Cavaillon-Coll, inaugurated by Louis Viere. The current organ buffet is inspired by the St. Peter’s Cathedral, Geneva!

The one webpage with some mentioned of it is in the city of Dinard itself in French: City of Dinard religiouis heritage

This is my translation of the city of Dinard writing on the Church of Notre Dame

“Poullain du Reposoir, the owner of the Belle Issue, the priory of the Trinitarians and numerous land in this area, graciously offered to the town a plot of 77 ares near the baie du Prieuré (bay of priory) for the construction of a new church, after the destruction caused by the storm of April 1853 on the church of Saint Enogat. This construction, far from unanimity of the population, was consecrated by a great Mass celebrated on January 10, 1858 which marked the transfer of the cult of Saint Enogat to Dinard. The building was built by architect Linley Lacroix. The interior fittings include a master altar ordered in 1866 to the sculptor Rennais Valentin. After the Second World War several reshuffles were planned: The sculptor Armel Barat designs a project of decorative frieze for the façade that remained in the project state (1949-1950). An arrow crowning the bell tower replaced the campanile and the stained glass windows of Max Ingrand replaced the 19C canopies.”


If you are like me curious about the sights and love to walk the beat then this one is worth the detour indeed. It is as said around a big boulevard opening to a nice bay pretty area and great for romantic pose as well! Hope you enjoy the off the beaten path offering of Dinard.

For the discovery of Dinard, see my previous posts in my blog and or the tourist office here: Tourist office of the emerald coast Dinard

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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