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February 13, 2019

Saint Enogat Church, Dinard!

So here I am back at you with another off the beaten path jewel of glorious Dinard in Ille et Vilaine dept 35 of my beloved Brittany. As our insaitable thirst for the curiosities of our world and the richness of our belle France have taken us to many small villages and even famous ones as Dinard is, but rather to seek the humble and simple kept apart from the noises of visitors to show us the real city and its past.

I like to tell you about the Saint Enogat Church of Dinard, another off the beaten path of my belle France. Again not much written on it officially.


We like to arrive at a city by car and in Europe that is very doable and easy and for large families cheaper. Once settle in to our city, the real thrill begins with walks, yes inside a city in Europe the best is to walk. Not easy to tell my dear friends and family from America but walking a couple of km in a city is a piece of cake here and all do it, we love it!! There is so much to see, and reminds me of a fellow blogger jot down and marked it right away because with so much to see , easily forgets later.

But onwards with the find at fashionable Dinard!

In 1858, the capital of the old parish of Saint-Enogat was transferred from the village of this name to the town of Dinard. The Church that was Renaissance style Latin cross form, was demolished except the tower. In 1867, a new parish was created in Saint-Enogat and a new church was built between 1872 and 1874, reusing the tower of the steeple-porch dated 1761.



The organ built at the beginning of the 20C, by Charles Mutin, for an English family. It was transferred to the Church of St-Enogat around 1950, it is completely redesigned and modified in its composition in 1970.

The city has some info here: City of Dinard on religious heritage

And once again, need to translate from the city as not much info on these off the beaten path jewels

“At the beginning of the 17C, the primitive Church was already located at the site of the present Church; in Renaissance style, it included a nave and three altars. Only the steeple-porch built in 1761 survives today. Indeed, a violent storm destroyed in April 1853 the roof and the nave of the Church. The inhabitants of the village began the reconstruction themselves before obtaining satisfaction when the Imperial decree of 19 June 1867 recognized their Church as a separate branch from that of Dinard founded in 1858. On 27 June, a episcopal ordinance created a new parish, including Saint-Enogat and various neighbouring villages. . The first stone of the new place of worship was laid on January 7, 1872. The construction of the Church was completed only in June 1874, the presbytery in 1877. On June 27, 1880, the parish, affirming its individuality, was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The interior now retains pieces of liturgical furniture from the late 19C and 20C.”



The walk around the neighborhood is super, with beautiful beach of Enogat, lovely grand, chic very classic as the city is known to be. I have written on previous posts on the city and its beauties, and just leave you the tourist office here: Tourist office emerald coast Dinard


Hope you enjoy these off the beaten path tours on popular places to visit in my Brittany. There is a whole world out there seen and yet to be seen, my long journey to see as much as possible of this most visited country which I proudly call mine!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

February 13, 2019

Some news from France, CCXVIIII

So a bit late on my writings of my belle France, but so much to do, what to do, n’est pas la vie est belle dans ma belle France! So catching up on the latest tidbits here they are. Oh nice weather in my Breton woods sunny no rain not cold just wonderful weather at 10C or about 50F.

The 27th edition of the Paris Manga Sci-fi show awaits you at Porte de Versailles ,15éme on February 16 and 17, 2019. The 27th Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show celebrates the 80 years of Batman by inviting comedians (Cory Michael Smith, aka The Mystery Man, and Robin Lord Taylor says the Penguin), costumed cosplayers and superhero designers, like Tyler Kirkham. Two actors from the Buffy Slayer series are also highly anticipated, Anthony Head and James Marsters. Saturday, February 16 from 9h30 to 19h, Sunday, February 17 from 9h30 to 18h. Exhibition Park, Porte de Versailles , Hall 7.2.  More here:

The 39th exhibition, Book Fair renamed “Livre Paris”, will celebrate the writers of the old Continent from 15 to 18 March at the Porte de Versailles. Have delivered the outlines of a show that will host 1 200 exhibitors, about as many journalists from around the world, and the Sultanate of Oman and the city of Bratislava, Slovakia, are the guests of honor. More here:

The world championships of tattooing will be held from 15 to 17 February 2019 at the Grande Halle de la Villette ,19éme. This is the time if you wish to pass under the needle of one of the 400 tattooists present, among the best in the world. Grande Halle de la Villette, 211 av. Jean-Jaurès . Friday, 15 and Saturday, February 16 from 12h30 to Midnight, Sunday, February 17, 2019 from 11h30 to 19h. More here:

The biggest parade in Europe will cross the 13éme arrondissement of Paris Sunday, February 17, 2019 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It is in the 13éme arrondissement of Paris that the largest Chinese community in Europe lives, with its approximately 170 000 inhabitants. No wonder that in this area of the capital, we see things in XXL to celebrate the New Year that coincides with the Spring Festival. The festivities of the Year of the pig of Earth have started for a week in Ile-de-France, but this weekend of 15, 16 and 17 February 209 is the real apotheosis. Saturday, in the same place, do not miss “13th feast”. This evening, scheduled at 20h, will make the general public discover all the Chinese cultural news and its flagship disciplines. There will be jazz, current, urban and pop rock music, but also stand up or magic. On the physical side, K-pop dance (coming from Korea) and hip-hop are on display, as well as demonstrations of martial arts. The famous awakening of the Lion and the Dragon will take place at 14h30. Thousands of participants form the procession, whose course starts at 44, Avenue d’Ivry, before taking the Avenue de Choisy and Boulevard Masséna before returning to the starting point. More here:

At the end of December, Marie-Laure and Ollivia launched their charming ensign Fruttini by MO in the 6éme arrondissement of Paris. They offer frosted fruit to take away or to enjoy on the spot. Open since December 22nd, you can taste “Fruttini”. Sorbets with water, fruit and sugar. “We use the pulp and put it back inside the skin,” the owners explained. Fruttini by MO, 24, rue Saint-Placide , 6éme. From 10h30 to 19h. from Monday to Saturday. From 4 to 49€. Tel +33 (0) 1-43-20-47-31. More here :

The Escape games invades Paris, here are some i think should be very good darn interesting, must see:

The mission entrusted by the Palais Garnier is of the utmost importance: to end the Curse of the Phantom of the Opera. The famous ghost that regularly haunts the places stole a few notes of the score that must be played the same evening. Without your help, the performance will be cancelled. By visiting the emblematic places of the building (the foyer, the Grand Staircase, the gallery and the Glacier Lounge…), you solve the puzzles that will reveal the missing notes. Throughout the course of the actors in period attire you silently help to navigate between false tracks and illusions to fill the musical reach. Palais Garnier. Place de l’opéra , 2éme.  Rates: Adult 28€, Child (ages 4 to 14) 22€. Reservation and info here :

During WWII, some of the works that were hidden did not regain their place in the halls of the Louvre. We whisper that we have to go to the gate of time to get them back. By exploring the Richelieu wing and especially the Flemish and Dutch painting rooms of the 17C and then the Department of Oriental Antiquities, you have to collect the clues to advance in the puzzles. Documents are given to you at the beginning of the game and a comedian remains at your side to refer you if necessary. Louvre Museum. Rue de Rivoli ,1éme.  From 2 to 6 players. Price: 110€ from 3 to 6 participants, duo package at 80€. More here:

The dungeon of the Bastille. A few steps from the pl de la République, a dive into a oblivion of royalty. The principle. At the beginning of the 18C, it is not good to rise up against the absolute monarch at the risk of being charged with a crime of damage to the majesty, sent over and sentenced to death. In sixty minutes, you will swing at the end of a rope. Unless… Gamescape. 17, rue de la Pierre-Levée , 11éme. From 19 to 29€ per person.More info here :

One old dandy, have stayed is coming back better than ever!

The Hotel du Louvre will reopen in the spring of 2019, after two years of renovation, and will welcome the first Parisian address of the Paul Bocuse house. Closed for renovations for two years, the five-star style Second Empire operated by the Hyatt Group is expected to reopen in April 2019. The Brasserie du Louvre. Place André Malraux , 1éme. Tel. +33 (0) 1 44 58 37 21. Open every day. More here :

Old traditions never die out they just fade away !

Closed for a month for a full renovation, the wax establishment of the Grands boulevards reveals itself to visitors from February 9th. The Grévin Museum undertook a major restructuring operation of its building. In all these are almost 3000 m² of visiting spaces that have been redesigned, rearranged and refreshed with a musical scenography and immersive decorations. The museum now has 10 different worlds. The literature is rediscovered with a space filled with open books where children immerse themselves. Of the 250 wax statues, 30 new personalities integrate the museum; among them, Marcel Proust. Musée Grévin . 10, Boulevard Montmartre 9éme. Open daily from 9h30 to 19h. Rates: from 17€. More info here:

After restaurants, hotels, cooking school, cookbook publishing or chocolate making, the world’s most star chef launches into a new field: coffee. Alain Ducasse (from Monaco) has sniffed out the potential of quality artisanal coffee. Last week, opened a coffee factory in the Bastille 11éme, not far from the one it has already dedicated to chocolate. A beautiful space in the look of New York loft (glazed windows, apparent pipes, scratched stone), where Veda Viraswami, double French roasting champion (2017 and 2018), is responsible for roasting in the back-shop (visible to the public) of the coffee served on the spot by Award-winning baristas, but also in all the group’s restaurants in France, and soon abroad-where another coffee factory could be born. La Manufacture de café. 12, rue Saint-Sabin 11éme. Tel. +33 (0) 1 40 02 76 90. Daily except Mondays. From  Tuesdays to Fridays 8h30 to 19h, Saturdays from 9h to 19h30 and Sundays 9h to 18h. Espresso: 2.50 to 4.50€. Filter: From 3.50 to 15€. Cappuccinos: from 5 to 7.50€. More here :

it’s magic, it’s Paris!

The Grande Surface – Galerie Festive will take its quarters near Opéra as early as March. In the program, a new concept all indoors, 1500 m2 on three floors, several atmospheres. This “uninhibited art gallery” announces the entry color, since it will last less than a year with a planned closure at the beginning of 2020. Expect to discover incredible works of art in a sumptuous gallery, all sprinkled with several bars to party until the end of the night, a stage to host concerts, animations. Grande Surface – Galerie Festive, Boulevard des Italiens 9 opening March 2019. More info here:

Are we really, the city of Love, you betcha!!! Happy Valentine to those celebrating,not me unfortunately.

The artist Joana Vasconcélos decided to materialize a heart beating at the Porte de Clignancourt, between Paris and the Saint-Ouen flea market. The monumental creation the heart of Paris is already installed but will be inaugurated by the artist in person this February 14th, Valentine’s Day, starting at 18h30 inauguration of the “Heart of Paris” and Grand Bal Populaire. Porte de Clignancourt ,tramway line T3 .Free entrance. More in French at the city of Paris webpage :

And there you go some of the latest from my vault of goodies to you all. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


February 13, 2019

Notre Dame Church of Dinard!

Moving right along showcasing the best and even the off the beaten path trails of my belle France I bring you back to my Brittany! The region alone is a treasure chest of beauties to be seen and discovered by most visitors to France, especially those from outside of Europe.

The town of Dinard, is in dept 35 Ille et Vilaine and itself fully loaded for things to see as in my previous posts. However, decided to tell you more about the Notre Dame Church.

We were sightseeing the city and as always did our usual walking around, walk long and my team was beginning to be tired, but i kept pushing as i have read about a Church in a section of the city along the big bay. We walked we arrived and were pleasantly surprise to what we saw. The Notre Dame Church is on a hill overlooking the wide boulevard des Maréchaux.


Of course, finding information on the Church is another matter, it is so off the beaten path and little information is published even in the city tourist office or city/town hall. From scratching from several religious sites I was able to find bits of information.


The construction of the Notre Dame Church dates from the middle of the 19C. It was done on a single plane of three naves. The Church has stained glass windows, some old paintings and statues.


The organ was built in 1986 in a style inspired by the French Baroque era. This organ replaces a previous instrument built in 1926 by the manufacture Convers-Cavaillon-Coll, inaugurated by Louis Viere. The current organ buffet is inspired by the St. Peter’s Cathedral, Geneva!

The one webpage with some mentioned of it is in the city of Dinard itself in French: City of Dinard religiouis heritage

This is my translation of the city of Dinard writing on the Church of Notre Dame

“Poullain du Reposoir, the owner of the Belle Issue, the priory of the Trinitarians and numerous land in this area, graciously offered to the town a plot of 77 ares near the baie du Prieuré (bay of priory) for the construction of a new church, after the destruction caused by the storm of April 1853 on the church of Saint Enogat. This construction, far from unanimity of the population, was consecrated by a great Mass celebrated on January 10, 1858 which marked the transfer of the cult of Saint Enogat to Dinard. The building was built by architect Linley Lacroix. The interior fittings include a master altar ordered in 1866 to the sculptor Rennais Valentin. After the Second World War several reshuffles were planned: The sculptor Armel Barat designs a project of decorative frieze for the façade that remained in the project state (1949-1950). An arrow crowning the bell tower replaced the campanile and the stained glass windows of Max Ingrand replaced the 19C canopies.”


If you are like me curious about the sights and love to walk the beat then this one is worth the detour indeed. It is as said around a big boulevard opening to a nice bay pretty area and great for romantic pose as well! Hope you enjoy the off the beaten path offering of Dinard.

For the discovery of Dinard, see my previous posts in my blog and or the tourist office here: Tourist office of the emerald coast Dinard

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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