Palacio Velazquez, Madrid!

So let me bring you down again to my immense Madrid, the city of my youth, teens and first loves, well enough talk I have said a lot on it in my blog before. I went thru my posts and many of a general overview , so decided to go back and pick some of the influential sites in my life there and after visits.

I like to tell you a bit more on the special Palacio Velazquez a palace in the middle of the Retiro Park of Madrid. In my earlier days living there it was just a school trip and hanging around it with the friends, a good place for a first kiss. Later, on been to the exhibitions there ,and eventually brought the family along; many nice memories indeed.

The Velázquez Palace or Palacio Velazquez  is located in the Retiro Park or Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid. It was built between the years 1881 and 1883 on the occasion of the celebration of the National Mining exhibition carried out in the city between the months of May and November of 1883. Along with the Palacio de Cristal (see entry in blog), the Palace of Velázquez  is one of the two exhibition venues of the museum Reina Sofia in the middle of the Retiro Park.


It is a building covered with iron vaults accompanied by glass that allow to illuminate the rooms naturally, and is inspired by the Crystal Palace of London. With dimensions of 73.80 by 28.75 meters was built in two-tone bricks as well as tiles from the Royal factory of the Moncloa.

The building was conceived in 1883 with a visit of King Alfonso XII accompanied by the sovereign of Portugal Luis I  to inaugurate an exhibition on mining. In 1887 it was used for the exhibition of the Philippines held at the retreat, and after the exhibition, that same year, the Government assigned it to the Museum of Ultramar (overseas). It is dedicated to temporary exhibition hall of the National Museum Reina Sofía Art Center, thereafter.


The building is structured in three quadrangular bodies united by a gallery. The central body is posed as an entrance portico, preceded by a large staircase of marble between sphinxes and covered by a large vault of zinc cannon and glass. On both sides of the gallery are two quadrangular bodies with zinc sliding roofs. At the sides of the entrance portico there are two discrete bas-reliefs, on the left one dedicated to the fine arts and the other right dedicated to mining. In the center a staircase of delicate white marble of 15 meters of length leads to the entrance, then a portico with three arches of half point on Ionic columns. However, the interior of the rectangular floor is practically a single space without divisions, only those that correspond to the four towers.  In the 18 meters high central gallery, the roofs and iron columns are the only protagonists.


The entire exterior enclosure of the building was made in red brick of Zaragoza, brick that has been overcooked and is slightly deformed and its color is not uniform. It complements the decoration with ceramic cladding of the porcelain factory of the Moncloa, reopened a few months before. All the constructive materials of the 19C are reflected here. The granite stone for the basement, the brick of various shades for the walls of enclosure, the multicolored ceramics for the adornments of bows and spandrels, the stucco for the corbels of the cornice, the iron for the bearing structure, the zinc for the curved deck surfaces and glass for interior lighting.


Located at the Paseo Venezuela, Retiro park, free admission, and you arrive by Metro line 2 Retiro, Line 9 Ibiza, and Line 1 Atocha, or bus lines 2, 20, 26, and 61 ,or even trains at Atocha-Renfe.

Some webpages as usual for me to help you plan your visit here are

City of Madrid on the Palacio Velazquez

Tourist office of Madrid on the Palacio Velazquez

Reina Sofia Museum on its venues and Palacio Velazquez

The Palacio Velazquez is an art center, but it means more to me ,as my life goings and comings by my Madrid. It is as everything in the park, a must visit by all ,and by me obligatory stop. I have several posts on the Retiro Park in my blog and speaks volumens on it, enjoy it as I do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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