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February 5, 2019

Grevenmacher and Bernard Massard!

On a day calling for snow, well not seen any yet just a bit of rain and some wind all calm down by now; I like to go into one of  my favorites subject, wines. This time however, will not tell you about French or Spanish wines but those of Luxembourg and especially the sparkling wines of Bernard Massard.

We rode from Germany on the B51 over the 419 and into Wellen crossing the Moselle into Grevenmacher and then down south on the 10 and 152 to Schengen. Easy beautiful rides along a wonderful river and very nice scenaries.

We were vacationing in Germany, and doing some road warrior trips into Luxembourg, we tumble into the town of Grevenmacher and voilà just crossing the Moselle river we stumbled into a nice beautiful building that is the cellars of Bernard Massard. And of course, a visit was necessary lol!


from Grevenmacher LU ,B Massard over the bridge and Germany

They are done in the Champenoise style as he learned the trades there, however, more on what the French call Crémants or a bit more creamy smooth type of “champagne”. We like the smoothness of them and a nice price to match so we not only tasted but purchase several bottles for home which we enjoyed and looking forward to a next visit.


I like to tell you a bit about the town, very brief.  Grevenmacher is a town and the capital of the canton of the same name in Luxembourg. The city is bounded to the east by the Moselle, a tributary of the Rhine river which also acts as a border with Germany at this point. It is surrounded by well-known forests and vineyards.

My surprise was to find a sparkling wine maker of good quality and better prices in town. This is Bernard Massard,which is open from April 1 to October 31 every day from 9h30  to 18h. Out of season, by appointment only see webpage for contact. We came on regular hours and park right inside the premises.

You announce yourselves and wait in a nice lobby for the tour by a cellarmaster. He comes to pick you up and take you on the lobby showing some historical features of the House of Bernard Massard. Then, you go with him into the cellars, seeing all the production process and  ageing as well as at the end go up to a nice terrace restaurant with lounge chairs to have your tasting and hors oeuvres ,the price I believe if can remember was 7-9 euros per person. You get to try about 3-4 different bottle labels.


The company was created in 1921 by a Luxembourg Oenologist who learned his craft in Champagne, France named  Jean Bernard-Massard. He led his project in the future by building his beautiful cellar of Grevenmacher on the banks of the Moselle river, these cellars produce sparkling wines in the Champenoise method. The visit of the lower cellars is complemented by the projection of a documentary film on the Grand Duchy, the Moselle river area, the work of the vine and the elaboration of sparkling wines as said.

Bernard Massard exploits in particular the enclosed areas of the rocks which stretches over 18 hectares, in Grevenmacher and Thill Frères which extends over 12 hectares, and Schengen, reputed especially for their Rieslings, Pinot blanc and Pinot Gris. The company is the first family producer of still and sparkling wines from Luxembourg with a total production of nearly 3.9 million bottles. Export wines in more than 20 countries, with a presence in Belgium since its foundation but also in many other markets such as Finland, Canada, Great Britain to name but a few. Total area is  38 ha,with  9 grape varietals, and  6.2 km of underground cellars.


The historic building of the Bernard-Massard cellars, located in Grevenmacher, in the northern part of the Luxembourg vineyards, houses: a superb winery, ripening cellars, riddling tools, disgorgement and labelling, and ideal premises for organizing of events. Over the decades, Bernard Massard has become the first family manufacturer of sparkling wines from Luxembourg.  With its two partner domains, the Clos des Rochers and the Château Schengen , the company is one of the best producers of white wines of the appellation. In 1921, Jean Bernard-Massard, with the support of Luxembourgish and Belgian wine lovers, also founded a sparkling wine cellar in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, and built a distinctive wine cellar right on the banks of the Moselle River. The brand Bernard Massard produces sparkling wine from Chardonnay, Riesling, and Cuvées in various flavors. The dry sparkling wine is made in traditional bottle fermentation in the naturally air-conditioned cellars.


Previously, in 1919, the Luxembourg cellar master Jean Bernard-Massard founded a sparkling wine cellar in the Palais Pillishof, which was first mentioned in documents in 1447.  Thanks to its rococo façade of 1770, this building, in the middle of the city center, is one of Trier’s most important buildings in terms of art history. To this day, Bernhard Massard produces its sparkling wine in the basement vaults of the palace, which dates back to 1270. This is a different legal company of the family there.


Of course, not all was the sparklers! here just because we saw it first coming over the bridge from Germany. However, we took a walk in town and passed by the Decanal Church St Laurent as well as the pretty fountain at place de l’Hôtel de Ville of the singer and nice streets.



And of course, time to eat as already been on the roads a while and we sat in Grevenmacher to eat. We had our brunch/lunch at La Belle Pierre, 15 Route de Thionville, a nice resto of excellent food at greater good prices. menu at 9,90€! and a nice beer Diekirch of Luxembourg.  We had lasagna dishes, and I had the menu of entrée of shrimp and fusilli  bolognaise with dessert of vainilla custard, and it was just right. In a very nice bright clean modern ambiance .Sadly, cannot confirm if still open as the webpage is no longer working; here just for the memories.


Some webpages to help you plan your visits here and it is worth the detour are

Official Bernard Massard Luxembourg

City of Grevenmacher tourist office

Tourist office of Luxembourg on Grevenmacher vineyards

Tourist office of the Moselle Luxembourg area on Bernard Massard

There you have a nice wine visit and lovely town as well.  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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