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January 31, 2019

Church of St. Clement ,Nantes!

Ok so now let me take you to a lot more familiar grounds, just south of me ,about 1h30 from my house lies the wonderful city of Nantes. Needless to say you must put it in your to do list when visiting my belle France, another jewel in my belle France.

As I have written several posts on Nantes, telling you about many things, I believe fair to showcase some monuments that I think are worth visiting if only for a few moments. This is the case of the Church of Saint Clément in Nantes.

The Church of St. Clément of Nantes, dept Loire Atlantique 44 in the Pays de la Loire region, and was built in the 19C. The priestly Fraternity of St. Peter celebrates offices according to the Tridentine Rite.


It began as the Chapel of the Hospice Saint-Clément in the 5C,probably circa 490, a Chapel serving a hospice of charity is erected, about 200 meters from the location of the present Church. At that time, the Church is located outside the city walls, between the current rue de Sully and Rue Geoffroy-Drouet. The sponsor of the chapel, Bishop Gérimius, is buried there in 498.


The first Church of St. Clément  was erected in 1227, dedicated to St. Clément, 4th Pope and Bishop of Rome, patron Saint of the bargemen, and built at the corner of the current rue Maréchal-Joffre and Rue Guibourg-de-Luzinais. The Church facing west-east , and occupies the location of the present forecourt, and encroaches two meters on the  current  rue  Maréchal-Joffre. During the construction of the 19C Church, the old Church was still standing; it was only destroyed during the construction of the façade of the new Church, except for the north wall which was used as a work area limits. The old southern nave was located at the level of the steeple of the present Church.

The new rectangular Church of Saint Clément, consists of a single nave, before two aisles are added, all dominated by a pointed steeple covered with slates, and containing three bells. In front of the entrance, a canopy shelter allows to shelter before the opening of the doors.  At the time of the French revolution, in 1791, the Church was closed to worship and sold as a national property under the name of Liberty and Demosthenes. In 1803, the Masses resumed, the Church then welcomed Abbé Duproz, his first priest under the Concordat laws.

The Church Gothic works were started for nine years, assigned to the parish of Saint-Clément in 1838. The first stone was blessed  on the new Church in 1841 and the first completed parts were the three naves, the transept, as well as the bedside, oriented north-west/southeast, located between rue Lorette-de-la-Refoulais and Rue Guibourg-de-Luzinais. In 1851, the work resumes, and lasted for six years. Starting from 1854, the installation of the vault on the central nave and the aisles is initiated. The realization of doors and stained glass in 1857 beautified the Church of Saint Clément.


In 1860, the renovation of the façade was initiated with the spire completed in 1868, and surmounted in 1875 by a Holy Cross in 1874. First equipped with a harmonium, the Church of Saint Clément received a Cavaillon-Coll organ in 1867. A newer organ in 1892 with a revolutionary instrument, equipped with an electric transmission system this innovation allows the organ to be installed in two buffets, located in two lateral arches. The instrument is restored, in 1978, and again in 2012.


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There you go another jewel in my belle France ,and one usually side steped when visiting this wonderful city of the Loire-Atlantique for many still in old Brittany!  Hope you enjoy the post and think of the Church of Saint Clément next time in town!

And remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

ps. this is my 1900 posts in my blog!!! Thank you all very much!!!!!






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