Plaza Mayor of Trujillo!

And coming back at you from my beloved Spain, on an area seldom travel by visitors backward but full of history ,architecture, and interesting places to visit. This is pure Extremadura and my best there is Trujillo. I have written before posts on the city, but would like to showcase its main square, Plaza Mayor.

Therefore ,here is a brief introduction to something that is a must to see in my beloved Spain. The Plaza Mayor of Trujillo.

The Plaza Mayor of Trujillo, province of Cáceres, autonomous Region of Extremadura constitutes an architectural space of great beauty and monumentality, is the neuralgic center of the city where all the roads converge, in it dominates the architecture of the 15C  and 16C and is surrounded by buildings of great tourist interest. It is a beautiful Renaissance square that occupies a huge space!

The old town contains many medieval and Renaissance buildings. Many of these were built or enriched by the Conquistadors born in the city. These include, the conquerors of Peru, Francisco Pizarro and his brothers,  as well as Francisco de Orellana and Hernando de Alarcón. In the center of the square the statue of Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru made in bronze in 1927.

The plaza Mayor is surrounded by beautiful and historic buildings like the Casa de Las Cadenas; called as is because of the chains that hangs from the lintel;  allegedly deposited by Christians liberated from the moors. Palacio de los Marqueses de Piedras Albas;on the Support of the balcons of the square renaissance style. Palacio de los Vargas-Carvajal; with a corner balcón on the square and two eagles. Palacio de los Chaves-Cardenas; with a facade in columns in spiral gothic style .Palacio de la Conquista; plateresque style , with a wonderful corner balcón.This building was for many years for people who enlisted to go to Peru and raised by Hernando Pizarro, the brother of the Conquistador of Peru. The Church of  San Martín ; 14C and 16C it has a a door of Gothic strokes called of the files because it is decorated with them, which houses an interesting altarpiece. The Church de la Sangre (blood); baroque style, where it is buried Gabriel, in it stands out a dome of brick.



trujillo palace of pizarro , pl mayor sep12



The noble houses, generally less ancient (16-17C), are here lightened with arcades, loggias or corner windows. The Plaza Mayor, original by its irregular layout, its successive plans connected by wide staircases and the wide variety of noble houses that border it, is evocative of an ancient art of life such as the gates or Portal del Lienzo,and  Portal del Pan.  The Palacio de los duques de San Carlos 17C today houses a convent of cloistered nuns.  The Torre del alfiler (Needle tower), superb Mudejar steeple occupied by a stork of course!


trujillo torre del alfiler sep12

There is rare to see so much history,architecture of great beauty preserved in just one square! Love it!!!  This is Trujillo, a must to see I am telling you!

Some webpages to help you plan your trip as my usual support are

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Tourist office of Extremadura on Trujillo

official Spain Ministry of Culture on Trujillo

wonderful site in Spanish on things to see in Trujillo

Trujillo is nice all around and on previous post told you about what to eat;and others. I just leave you with the main square, Plaza Mayor ,and hope that you too come to see this marvel of my beloved Spain.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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2 Comments to “Plaza Mayor of Trujillo!”

  1. Which is the better statue, Pizarro in Trujillo or El Cid in Burgos?


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