Saint-Andrews Church in Sauveterre-de-Béarn!

And then, why not stayed in the wonderful area of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of my belle France! So much to see, even in places close and dear to me, the choices are unlimited. Now I get it, why 90M visitors came to France last year and authorities on tourism are saying we might hit 100M in 2019!!! France is a movable feast!

But ok, this is deep France, sort of an off the beaten path site; tourists are not around here or I never see enough when I am there…. We come to the area that I love to be here, Sauveterre-de-Béarn in deep old region of Béarn! A nice little Church of Saint Andrews to show you, ok.

The Saint-Andrews Church is located in Sauveterre-de-Béarn, dept 64 of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Sauveterre de Bearn

The Church of Sauveterre-de-Béarn, dedicated to Saint-André, was built at a time of transition between the 12C and 13C. Its architecture is a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles. On the tympanum are represented St Mathieu (as a young men),  St Mark (as a lion), St Luke (as a bull), and St John (as an eagle). It is a fortified imposing Church. Its situation in the area of the river or gave made it an excellent point of observation vis-à-vis any outside arrival. It is a Church as there are few in Béarn, which mixes elements of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. It has a length of 35 meters, a width of 20 meters and at the top of its steeple, reaches the 27 meters. It has 3 naves with the central nave has a height of 13 meters, an apse, two apsidioles, and a transept with 2 beautiful roses.

Sauveterre de Bearn

Its bell tower, according to some assumptions, was once crenellated (currently it is covered with a 4-sided roof) and on each of its 4 faces, one can see 3 geminate bays, the central column surmounted by an tympanum pierced with a oculi. The porch and sacristy are newer and date from the end of the 19C. On the porch you can see a very nice tympanum above the gate. It is in the form of 2 hangers separated by a key. In the Mandolin, we have a Christ in majesty. To his right, an angel and a lion ,who symbolized St Matthew and St Mark, and to their left an eagle and an ox, which symbolize St John and St Luke, the 4 evangelists

Sauveterre de Bearn

Sauveterre de Bearn

The entrance gate has only one vaulted, but notice the lateral framing with 7 columns on each side surmounted by capitals decorated with vegetative motifs in general, some of them showing figures. At the pier on the left of the heart is a historic marquee representing backbiting and gluttony. On the side of the nave on the left is another marquee representing the scene of the Nativity. Note also on the side , a small entrance door with a crimson at the top. It is claimed that this side door would be reserved for the Cagots (referred to groups of inhabitants, exercising woodworking, or metalwork, which were struck by exclusion and repulsion in their villages between the 13C and modern times).

Sauveterre de Bearn

Sauveterre de Bearn

Some webpages as usual to help you plan your trip here are

City of Sauveterre-de-Bearn on heritage

Tourist office of the Bearn gaves on heritage

There you go simple old nice architecture in a wonderful old bastide fortified town, impressive just going in by car. Sauveterre-de-Béarn ,another off the beaten path idea in my belle France, make it  yours!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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