Notre-Dame Church of Cape Lihou at Granville!

And continuing my search for the other France as if more than Paris; I come back to you to my neighbor Normandy and a very nice old town with superb views over the bay of Mont Saint Michel.

I like to tell you about a small Church but very nice with great views that been off the beaten path is one of the gems to be visited. Oh yes in Granville, dept 50.

The Notre-Dame Church of Cape Lihou or  église Notre-Dame du Cap Lihou is in Granville, dept 50 of the Manche in the region of Normandy. I am surprise not to find more on this wonderful small Church overlooking the town from the upper town or haute ville of Granville. This is a wonderful walk , beautiful sights from it, and a very nice Church. Worth the walk, I say.


As you might know, Granville, is on the peninsula across from that other monument of Normandy,France and the World, Mont Saint Michel (see my posts on it). From Paris best by car on the A13 direction Rouen continue until Caen and there continue on the A84 until reach the town of Villedieu-les-Poêles and here take the D924 direction Granville.right by the harbor continue follow direction Notre Dame du Cap it at Place du parvis Notre Dame.


A bit of history

A first chapel was built in granite in the 12C on Cape Lihou, after, according to legend, sailors found in 1113 a statue of the Virgin in their nets. It was then decided to name Our Lady of Cape Lihou. This makes it the oldest place of worship in Normandy.  After taking possession of Cape Lihou by the British, they began in 1440, at the same time as they raised the fortress, a Church whose granite was brought from Chausey 16km away  by Gabare boats, taking 3 centuries of construction.. From this period, dates the Tour du Clocher or tower of the steeple and the bays between the transept and chorus.  The construction of the choir began in 1628 and ended in 1641, the year of the building of the ambulatory. The large nave is erected between 1643 and 1655, the Saint-Clément and Notre-Dame chapels of Cape Lihou are added in 1674 and 1676 respectively. Almost a century later were raised the western façade, in 1767, and the sacristy, in 1771.


The great organ that date from the years 1660-1662. The magnificent buffet and its tribune were built between 1660 and 1668. The console dates from 1899.


Inside you have paintings such as the  L’Assomption de la Vierge (assumption of the Virgin from 1712) inspired by Rubens, and the La Pêche miraculeuse de Bonneville (miraculous fishing or sin) of 1787. The Chapelle Notre-Dame houses a statue of the Virgin in stone of Caen from the 15C. The Chapelle Saint-Clément, lighted by the stained glass windows representing Saint Eloi has a statue of the patron Saint of marines and of the Parish. Famous fashion designer Christian Dior was baptised in this Church in 1908.



Some webpages to help  you plan your trip here are

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City of Granville on heritage

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Here is a youtube video on the Church that is very nice me think

Enjoy the Church and the views high up at Granville, it is worth the detour off the A84! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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