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January 12, 2019

My travels in the Morbihan, LXXXI

And on a cold cloudy wintery day in my beloved Morbihan just back from doing my routine and temps at 3C ,let me bring you up to date on my ramblings in my neck of the woods.

Today is another round of the gilet jaunes or yellow vests protest that are now in their 9th Saturday. Just trying for more social justice and stopping the plans of an opportunistic President Macron who should not be there but that is another long story. There was more than 100 at the La Fôret area of Auray with police looking at them at a distance so far calm. However , others like in Paris and Bourges not so much. It will continue until we get a new government, period. This is the people, by the people,and for the people democracy power at its best; and France is leading the way again!

We got up early and by 9h we were out ,first to the bank in Auray to do our paperwork routine and found out our best account manager is leaving the bank on February 6th yikes!!! so bad she was the best we had there . We will have a farewell meeting and to meet our account manager on January 26th; it will be emotional I am sure. She was our account manager for 6 years and was tops!

From here we went to EasyCash store for my son to sell his old guitar that actually was hardly ever use! and of course from there to their must stop Micromania for more video games all in Vannes. We parked at place de la République underground parking! 2.50€!

We continue onwards to the market as this is the best market in the department on Saturday mornings at Vannes Place du Poids Public and Place des LIces areas. Here we got our usual fruits and cheeses from our favorite vendors of always. We come late for best prices and more talk!

While in the market we went to visit the new Belle Iloise and not having our fish soup available , the counter lady call her other store up the road at the place des Lices where they waited for us open to sale us the fish soup Breton style, simply awesome!

On our way down, we stop at our friendly Nicolas store for some red porto and Bordeaux wines  which were on sale as this is winter sales days in France!

once done, I got around those round points or traffic circles to avoid the yellow vests folks and come to our hypermarket E Leclerc in Vannes for the rest of our groceries. This is in Vannes but over the expressway N165. We took some time here as the boys were a bit slow in shopping lol! habits of the mother…. We finally finished and came back to relax and let this hectic day of protesting ease on down.

We settled in our lovely home of Pluvigner in our beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the gorgeous region of Brittany. You all have a wonderful weekend!

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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