A special Relais d’Alsace this one in Alençon!

So will dwell again on a nice chain that we have enjoyed since 1990 in France. A special post on one of them lately ate but all brings lots of memories to my family. We were last by Alençon in the Orne dept 61 of the Normandy region.

While looking up where to eat before reaching there, I notice a name Taverne Kalsbrau and quickly took a look and to my surprise was part of the Les Relais d’Alsace chain.


It started out as the Taverne of Maître Kanter that only are left that we had visited the one in Bourges for a total of 7 when once they were 35 (now part of Group Flo) ; webpage here! Taverne de Maitre Kanter

Here is the Groupe FLO webpage on Maître Kanter: Groupe FLO on Maitre Kanter

St Gervais

memories forever!!! Saint-Gervais-la-Forêt near Blois


memories forever Lorient!!!

Some of these were change over time to Les Relais d’Alsace using the same methods, menus and deco in the restaurants.  The Relais webpage is here: Les Relais d’Alsace restos

These latest ones I have been to the one in Chasseneuil ,Angers, Le Mans, Metz, Mayenne, Laval, Pau, Tours, and Vitré!!! and now I add Alençon to my list. Always great and friendly service.

The one in Alençon direct webpage is at Les Relais d’Alsace taverne Karlsbau in Alençon

Les Relais d’Alsace are Restaurants specialize on seafood and deli meats. Brewery with a very good value for money. The prices for an adult menu are from 12.50€ to 23€. You can, also, order from the menu carte libre. Hours are open every day from 12h-15h and 19h- 22h. Located at 36 rue Maréchal Lattre de Tassigny, Alençon 61 tel +33 (0) 2 33 28 89 84.


If I try to translate their site it says; “The Relais d’Alsace Tavern Karlsbau of Alençon located near the city/town hall and the Halle au Blé, and only 100 km from the Normandy coast, welcomes you 7 days a week, with its specialties elaborated according to traditional recipes: sauerkrauts, trays of Seafood, fish, salads…etc.   In love with the simple and generous cuisine, this is the perfect place for you.  Alençon is a historic town with many 15C buildings. An essential visit to the Lace Museum and the haras or horse Stud. Come and enjoy the friendliness of our tavern after a small visit to this city.”


And these are franchises so their franchisor tells us translated into English as ” The brand Les Relais d’Alsace officially appears in 2008 and has had a great expansion since that date. Each Relais d’Alsace has been carefully designed to respect the tradition of the Alsatian taverns. The Relais d’Alsace welcomes in a pleasant and convivial setting the lovers of good tables.  Combining tradition and modernity, the Relais d’Alsace allows you to savour some of the great classics of French gastronomy: sauerkraut, flammeküches, dishes made with fish and meat, etc… the whole sprinkled with succulent beers to choose from a  variety of beers from the Alsatian tradition. Since their creation, the Relais d’Alsace have experienced an undeniable and increasing popularity throughout France with a clientele concerned with the quality of the dishes served and scrupulously respecting the Alsatian tradition. ”



What is in the name well cannot tell you officially but is something to do with the fact that the Le Relais d’Alsace was a Belgian crime novel by Georges Simenon, published in 1931 by Fayard.  Written aboard the Ostrogoth, moored at the Quai d’Anjou near the Pont Marie in Paris of July 1931.

The one in Alençon was immediately a pleasant welcome and funny guy Fréderic , we had a nice table not far from the bar area. The building has a feisty modern design and inside is all in rich wood and soft cloths with of course an Alsacian look. We opted for different things,, but mine was choucroute de grillardin (Grillardin Sauerkraut) all with potatoes , garlic sausage, and a big Andouille sausage (more typical of Brittany my area) and I was a hit with the staff lol!! and course plenty of sauerkraut!! Delicious. All was taken down with a nice Rosé wine from Saint nicolas de Bourgueil loire area of course! We opted for dessert without coffee so we had different ones again. I opted for the ice cream chocolate and coconut and meringue with flakes of chocolates very nice and rich.  All for about 29€ per person, nice if a bit high for lunch it was well worth it. We will continue to patronized these restaurants!



So it was another nice ride and great foodie trip , well the food was worth alone to be there. I could had stay longer but we had a short time and needed to see more of the city of Alençon. These places are worth it, of course you need to like the Alsacien taste buds!!! We love it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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