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January 4, 2019

My travels in the Morbihan, LXXX

I am back with the routine of life in beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of Brittany. The winter temps are here, this morning -3C or about 26F  so on the rest of the week. We are ready! At least not raining and defiinitively no snow lol!!! You stay tune for my blog in 2019…I am reminder my memory is fast approaching maximum at 72% ,and wordpress invites me to sign up for the business level at 25 USD per month!!! I can’t believe I am approaching 40K photos in my blog!!!  Will see if continue with this one or need to start a new one, suggestions?

I will try to continue telling you about our daily life here , the real thing ,not the glamour of Paris but the real French life. You will find out is the same as anywhere else, same clothing, similar foods, and drinks, and the same headaches of tax season lol!! And me from two countries with the USA been an ass!!

I could have call it Auray but already one under that so not to repeat will put in my routine My travels serie ,this one on the Morbihan. Tomorrow off to Normandy and new surrounding, always something new in my belle France!

I went into Auray, to drop off some clothing for the needy, we always do never throw anything away ,someone can use it. The Les Relais of Emmaus are very good for this. More on what they do in French here:  Les Relais

We then headed to take my oldest to his driving license course on the highway code, still with possible up for the test end January 2019. This is in Auray too by the city center. While he was there , I took off with my twin boys to Leclerc shopping center in Auray for a coffee at L’Océa bar café inside and kill off some time perousing at the Espace Culturel there on what else travel books and maps!!!

We then went over to put gas/petrol at Leclerc, the lowest prices in the area for my diesel yeah!! and load up for the trip tomorrow early am.

After this we pickup my oldest at his driving school by place Maréchal Leclerc. Auray. On the way home, we stop at our bank as my Dad needed some cash, he always still think cash, bank card still not his thing lol! Our bank (BNP)  is in Auray too, the closest branch and opening accounts for us, very nice people very friendly solve all issues fast we love it.

And it was a bit late in the day ,still me on vacation waiting for this weekend Epiphany which we Spanish descend folks still celebrate if a bit low key no gifts we do that at Papà Noêl time Dec 25th. We were hungry nothing prepare at home with a bunch of guys so right across the bank is the friendly Domino’s pizza outlet and we like that from way back in the U S A! So we jump in for pizzas of different kinds, do not know I just know mine had beef and potatoes lol! yummy with a nice glass of red wine! at home take out ok!! We are all set until tonite!

And now ready for preparating the trip overnite Saturday maybe depends on what we see, we are road warriors so who knows. Another round of gilet jaunes or yellow vests in France tomorrow act VII and who knows but who cares, we go on: the motto is do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, life is too short and believe me I know unfortunately.

Enjoy my routine mumblings and wanderings and who knows what I write but is real nothing imitated but the real thing of living in real France, the most beautiful country in the world oh wait is that was for Paris only lol!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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