Again back to lovely Auray!

So this is still a nice place to visit, very historical for many countries and my former home in Brittany. I took some walks in the town again, it is always lovely to walk its streets, this wonderfully lovely Auray ,in the Morbihan breton.

I happened to be with my father who elderly cannot walk too much, so I drove to a city center parking, left him there and did my walks around the town. We were waiting to pick up my oldest son from driving school here in town, where he is taking the dreadful difficult French highway code.

I left my car in the Keriolet parking, this is the closest to city center and all amenities in the Haute Ville or upper town of Auray.


And here is a map of city center rigth in the Keriolet parking…You can see the round red button saying vous etes ici or you are here!

I walk down to the place de la République or Republic square where the city/town hall (see post) is and the wonderful covered market for fresh fish/seafood (see post) early in the mornings. A very nice area of wooden houses too or maisons en bois.


Right at place de la République there is the photo shop we do all our photos here. This was before a Photo studio of a friend of our photo studio in Versailles!!! And we were recommended lol! Well one of the principals just purchase the whole thing but the friendlies continues.


I went walking up rue du lait or milk street a very old street with many picturesques stores and some we patronized such as the bag leathers place sacamania. You go up by the covered market and city hall and up you reach the Place Notre Dame and the Church of Saint Gildas ,the main Church in town.


On the other side of the covered market and the main entrance (as above) you come into rue JM Barre , also, full of shops and many we patronized such as the take out traiteur and bakeries and our Optic 2000 old store (we have a partner now in our town). On this street you have a mini supermarket Sparr now completely renovated and very nice.



As we did this street Rue JM Barre can, also take you towards the Church of Saint Gildas, (see post) the main Church in town. And been so nice ,and visited many times, could not resist to see it again inside.

Finally, on the way back , took first a ride with my father to the Saint Goustan harbor area of Baisse ville lower town of Auray. This is the place to be and was already full on the places we like to go at 16h30, actually after 19h all comes alive and the whole Place St Sauveur gets full of people, as this time of the year mostly locals. Summer times we get many tourist from the British isles.


And from here we went up again with the car to pick up my oldest boy at driving school! and we came home to have a nice steak , and rabbit terrine dinner with Bordeaux red wine of the Mouton-Rothschild stable…

Hope you enjoy the tour! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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