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January 1, 2019

Restaurants of Versailles , Colbert and Mode!

In the my saga of Versailles told many times in my blog so no need to repeat again, just read on. I had written a post back on January 9 2011 on Restaurants of Versailles which turn out to be pretty popular! However, there are two restaurants we went a lot and one more than the other that I like to emphasized here on a new post in my blog.

The one of great history and good food and the other of lesser history but even better in my opinion. I like to tell you about the current Le Pavillon Colbert and Le Boeuf à la Mode restaurants.

It started out as the Tavern of Maître Kanter, a chain of Alsacien type style restaurants. It was located at 5 Rue Colbert , a small side street left of the Château de Versailles in the Notre Dame district.  In the old Colbert Hotel that Louis XIV built to his chief minister, the former residence of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the decor of the tavern is faithful to the tradition of the sign: purple, wood, mirrors, fountain and abundant shellfish pond. The location of this establishment makes you dream: to the right of the castle, near the Place d’Armes, the storefront dazzles the passers by its lights and its presence in this small counter-alley of the rue Colbert. This little street, cozy with great views over the parvis , and the great Choucroutes Lol! It had its mentioned in Yelp my recommended search engine in my blogroll bottom of my front page. The tips were put there: Yelp on Tavern of Maitre Kanter Versailles





Their webpage from 2012 in French still show the Tavern as in here: Tavern of Maitre Kanter in the Hotel de France Versailles

In the light of the Sun King, facing the sumptuous Chateau de Versailles, the Marquis de Villacerf opened the doors of his mansion and invites you to his table. Madam, Sir, welcome to the Le Pavillon Colbert or  Colbert Pavilion (the new name). This 17C mansion owes its existence to the benevolence of Louis XIV who donated the site to his state councillor, Edouard Colbert de Villacerf. The latter built a pavilion, which he named Hôtel de Villacerf. Later Colbert Hotel and now Hotel de France!

A place full of history since 1690. The lounges of the Hôtel de France combine: The Salon des Glaces (Ice salon) , which will enchant you with its warm colours, chandeliers and parquet of the period, the Salon Napoleon III, ideal for your sub-commissions or a private meal, and the salon Colbert.

The new restaurant now attach to the Hotel de France webpage is here: Le Pavillon Colbert in the Hotel de France at Versailles

For New Year 2019, they have set up a nice menu such as: Menu 80€ Price per person. Drinks not included.  This menu includes: Starter + main dish + Dessert

Starter choices: Lobster Bush just Pearly; Crispy lobster, Granny apple tartar, artichoke and citrus fruit, mango vinaigrette. Fried foie gras with carrot and pear chutney, gastric sauce.  Main dish: Ostrich breast, oyster and vegetables, truffle in wine sauce; Filet de Saint Pierre fish, carrots risotto style, sauce with the capucin; Roasted scallops in bacon lard and her yarrow of vegetables with morels. Dessert: Secret chocolate black nougat, orange cream.  Sabayon with truffle oil au gratin and its poached pear in red wine; Verrine mascarpone and Nutella with glazed chestnut flakes. The seafood map will also be available.

For info, some of the other remarkable buildings on the Rue Colbert (known for short of Jean-Baptiste Colbert) are no. 1: Hotel de Grammont until 1809, at n ° 5: Hotel de Villacerf, property at the end of the 19C of Prince Roland Bonaparte (and now hotel de France and restaurant Pavillon Colbert), at N ° 7: Former hotel of Choiseul, then of Villeroy, which housed in 1870-71 the Prussian minister of War and its services. And No. 13: Current EDF, (electricity co of France) location of the former hotel of Aumont under the former regime , and home of Charles-Frédéric Nepveu, architect of the château under Louis-Philippe, at the end of his life.

As this is a very famous area and very frequented by my family, with many trips to the tavern and later a couple times at the Pavillon I like to tell you a bit of history I like on Mr Colbert.

Mr Jean-Baptiste Colbert was a pupil of the Jesuits in Reims by 1634,  Clerk of a Notary as chaplain, then of a prosecutor , Commissioner of the troops in Nivernais by 1640, the Regiment of Tavanes by 1641, Clerk of Sublet de Noyer, Secretary of War, protected by Michel Le Tellier ( Brother-in-law of Saint-Pouange) by 1643, his special clerk by 1645, and patented councillor of State then Intendant of Cardinal Mazarin, Marquis of Seignelay by 1657 in the county of Auxerre, purchased in favor of his eldest son, Châteauneuf-sur-Cher and Blainville, Count of  Creully by 1682), Baron de Sceaux, Linières, Ormoy, etc., Lord of Torcy, Minister & Secretary of State of the King’s house from 1668, Marine & Commerce, from 1669, Intendant by 1662 and Comptroller-General of the King’s Finances, superintendent of Buildings, Arts & factories and purchases of France by 1664, Commander & Grand-treasurer of the orders of the King, Academician by 1667, he (inherits a fortune confiscated on an uncle Pussort passed to the enemy in 1647. Married in 1648 Marie Charron ,daughter of Jean-Jacques Charron , Lord of Menars, Grand-Bailiff of Blois, captain of the hunts of the county of Blois, and of Marie Begon. Together they had nine children.

What he had done from all that above.  Mr. Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Comptroller General of the Finances of Louis XIV was responsible for the development of trade, industry, the Royal Navy, the planning of Paris and the growth of sciences. In constant relationship with the king, he remains one of his best trusted men. As in charge of buildings,  he, also took care of Paris with the layout of numerous squares and the Tuileries garden. Attached to the sciences, Colbert was at the origin of the creation of the Academy of Sciences in 1666, as well as of the Observatoire de Paris the following year. Colbert will never be disgraced. He is one of the few men whose Louis XIV will always be sure.

His name gave the Colbertism, economic theory which implies dirigisme state and protectionism.  Responsible for the management of the finances of the state, Colbert writes in October 1659 a brief on alleged mismanagements of the superintendent of Finance Nicolas Fouquet, pointing out that less than 50% of the taxes collected would reach the king!. On September 5, 1661, the superintendent Fouquet, fallen in disgrace following the analyses of Colbert, was arrested in Nantes by D’Artagnan (famous muskeeteer). Following this arrest, king Louis XIV abolished the office of Superintendent of Finance and decided to exercise it himself with the help of a council created on 15 September 1661 at the instigation of Colbert called the Royal Council of Finance.

He died in 1683 and was buried at Saint-Eustache Church in Paris. And where his legs are kept, while the remainder of his remains was transferred to the catacombs of Paris in 1787.  So a great historical street as well isn’t it! And we love it by there.

Another less historical street but in my opinion a more family ambiance to eat out was and still is since 1999 Le Boeuf à la Mode on tranquil picturesque Rue au Pain around the Notre Dame market and behind the Carré aux Herbes pavillion.

This is the compress review from 2011; Le Boeuf à la Mode, 4 Rue au Pain, 78000, ,this is the sublime cozy romantic, French traditional restaurant of old I like to seek and keep. tel +33 01 39 50 31 99. very near Castle on the marche Notre Dame area tuck away in rue au pain ,but well known.  You wont go wrong here for an evening in Versailles!

For New Year 2019, they have this menu offering and we have done a couple new year’s here! Menu 60€ price per person, drinks not included. This menu includes Starter + main dish+ dessert.  Starters to choose from: Slice of foie gras semi-cooked homemade, jelly in port, brioche with the flower of salt; Salmon and smoked tuna duo, crème au yuzu, blinis; Calf’s egg on potato-truffled capucin. Choice of main dish: Filet of beef, Lameloise sauce, potato gratin in Cantal jeune (Sup Rossini (+ €5.00); Roasted turbot fillet, hollandaise sauce, mashed butternut ;  Poultry Supreme, Morel sauce, roasted chestnuts, green bean bundle with smoked bacon, braised endive; Cheese (Supplement Menu 8€) ; AOC Camembert stuffed with truffle, mesclun. Desserts to choose from: Chocolate Dome, crispy heart at Praline; Frozen Nougat way Norwegian omelet, red fruit coulis; Pineapple Carpaccio, from roasted mango, ice almond milk. As well as Coffee and sweet snacks

The webpage for this wonderful restaurant is : Official Le Boeuf à la Mode Restaurant in Versailles

My Yelp site on reviews on Le Boeuf à la Mode resto here: Yelp on Le Boeuf à la Mode Restaurant in Versailles

And more from the Yvelines dept 78Official Tourism Yvelines 78 on Le Boeuf à la Mode



This cosy brasserie of the 1930’s style with authentic décor serves traditional cuisine and beautiful quality. The establishment obtained the Master Restaurateur label in January 2013, and offers a menu that evolves according to the market and especially of the seasons. I repeat , you won’t go wrong here! France, and Versailles at its best!


Despite its name, the menu offers a variety of dishes, from beef to fish to chicken and vegetables. In addition to the printed menu, the chalkboard lists daily specials, which take advantage of the market offerings.  We prefer to sit upstairs, in a charming old-world room that also gave us a view down to the bustling activity of the market.

A bit on Rue au pain which is on the south side of the Market square. Some of the old sectinon was before the rue des Fripiers. A baker’s street before , there is only one left today. Other remarkable buildings are at no 16, the Hôtellerie À l’enseigne de l’Écu de France in 1673 and at no 20, the Auberge à l’enseigne du Royal Vert galant in 1860.

Hope you enjoy the story and do explore beautiful Versailles and its many culinary wonders!! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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