Gare Rive Droite, Versailles!

Hello my world, here I am on a nice  morning, cool, cloudy and rainy at 13C or about 52F. And I feel nostalgic about my Versailles and my travels to work in Paris as did use public transport like anyone else here (well for a time I could use my car love it) but only at work, personal took my car ok ok !

I like to tell you a bit more on my train station in Versailles; done transport routine in other previous posts you can find in my blog, but only on the nice old quant Versailles Rive Droite (right bank) alone this is it. My train station!

The Gare de Versailles-Rive-Droite is a train station terminus of the Paris-Saint-Lazare to Versailles-Rive-Droite, located in the Notre-Dame district of Versailles at 40 rue du Maréchal Foch. (You can see if walk a bit more after the Notre Dame market ). Opened in August 2, 1839. It was my closest station to our house! From Paris Saint Lazare ,it will take you about 28 minutes to reach it (depends on traffic and problems can be as much as 36 minutes sometimes).


It owes its name of Rive Droite (right bank) to the fact that it is located on an established line, departing from Paris, on the right bank of the Seine river. It is managed by the SNCF serviced by the trains of the L line of the Transilien (network Paris-Saint-Lazare). It is located at a distance of about 23 km from the station of Paris-Saint-Lazare. This train station is one of the oldest in the French railway network and has relatively little evolved since its inauguration, preserving its configuration and its original passenger building. It is one of the five stations of Versailles (the others been gare de Porchefontaine RER C , gare de Montreuil line L Saint Lazare trains (stop before rive droite), Chantiers Montparnasse trains ,and Rive Gauche (left bank) RER C (closest to the castle/museum). The station with its six sidings , and two more for night and sometimes daytime, it serves as a parking point and train of the South Line.


A bit of history I like

The project to built it was granted to James de Rothschild, on the project of the Paris line to Versailles by the right bank of the Seine, had until the station of Asnières, a common trunk with the line of Paris in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, that opened in 1837.

The passenger building is made up of a single building perpendicular to the tracks and level with them. The tracks are arranged in two bundles in cul-de-sac around a central wharf. They are connected to the ends by rotating plates in order to rotate the locomotives, allowing them to be placed at the head of the convoys. After the arrival of a train, the locomotive was detached, returned to the plate and joined the other end of the convoy by the adjoining track, to which it connected after a manoeuvre to return to the other way. On August 2, 1839, the sons of Louis-Philippe (king of the French) inaugurated the new line. The depot is built along the ramp to the Rue de Clagny. It comprises a five-lane building, separated into two groups of two and three lanes; Each is equipped with a 20-meters long sting pit, designed to collect the slag falling from the fireplaces of the locomotives. The installations are reworked during the electrification of the line, by a third side rail and then by catenary, respectively in 1927 and 1978.



In 2011, a counter is open daily from 6h to 01h40. As before, there was a one person handling the tickets or you bought it in advance online! . The Transilien and Grande Lignes ( big lines) automatons are also available, and the station tickets can be purchase for the Grandes Lignes (big lines intercity Europe) from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 19h30, and Saturday from 10h to 18h30. A Relay magazine and snacks store are present in the lobby, as well as beverage or snack vending machines, an automatic photo booth, a telephone booth, a photocopier and a custom postcard distributor. A bicycle park is located outside the train station, but apart from a few parking spaces in front of the passenger building, it has very little parking area.

The station is served by the lines A, D, E, G, H, H Express, S, T Express, TRI and night 1 of the Phebus Versailles bus network, as well as by lines 17 and 17S of the Transdev of Ecquevilly bus network, by line 471 of the RATP Paris region bus network, by line 111 of the company Hourtoule and by the Line 39.37 F of the company SAVAC. Of course these needs to be verify as they can change from the time I used them.

You can come to from Paris at Rive Droite train station ; for example take the bus G towards Versailles Chantiers train station, but get off at Hotel de Ville Monday-Saturday: 6h07-20h23 ,on Sunday: 7h28-20h28 taking about 10m to 25mn ;on Saturday 15-27minutes, and on Sunday 15-40 minutes, there at Chantiers , take the bus 171 direction Pont de Sèvres ,to terminus in Paris or back reverse order , the bus runs Monday-Saturday: 5h30-01h , Sunday: 6h30-01h and runs every 8-10 minutes. There you can then connect to all of Paris on metro line 9 as well as tramway line T2 or other bus lines such as 160 169 179 279 389 and 467.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip and enjoy the ride into Royal Versailles are

Official Transilien on Rive Droite in French

Useful (me think) pdf map on the transport zones of the Paris region, Versailles is in zone 4 for all train stations:  Official Transilien zone transports map

Official Chateau de Versailles on train stations see Rive Droite

My favorite blogroll site YELP for all tips and info on all of France, here is Rive Droite: Yelp on Gare Rive Droite Versailles

Hope it helps guide you well into my favorite city aside from new home of course! Enjoy Versailles!!!

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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