Place du Châtelet, and theaters!

So it seems taking the liking of these streets/squares places of my eternal Paris.  And Merry Christmas again to all my readers. So ,ok here is another gem for you to walk all over it and do enjoy some of the best theater outings in the city of lights. For repetition sake, the most beautiful city in the world!

I like to bring you over to the Place du Châtelet and the wonderful fountain , statues and theaters of Châtelet and Ville that is here. I had to say, keep saying go all over Paris and do have my favorite district in the 16éme but in one square this is it I am all over it, do see me around here for lunch , apéro or even dinner many times ::)

I let you do the sightseeing on this one as it is pack for the season. That is, the Theatre du Châtelet at the Place du Châtelet and inaugurated in 1862. More info here:

The Place du Châtelet is located at the intersection of Rue de Rivoli, from avenue Victoria Avenue and the quays of the Mégisserieet de Gesvres, on the east-west axis, and from the boulevard of Sébastopol and the Boulevard du Palais, by the Pont au Change, on the north-south axis. It was built at the site of the Grand Châtelet, a former fortress which served as a prison and a court under the former regime, and which was destroyed in 1802 during the reign of Napoleon Ier.

The Place du Châtelet is equipped with a metro station, accessible from the center and the sides of the square: The station Châtelet, which serves the metro lines 1 4 7 11 14 ; RER Chatelet – Les Halles A B D and Bus lines 21 38 47 58 67 69 70 72 74 75 76 81 85 and 96.

The center of the square is reserved for pedestrians. There stands the Fontaine du Palmier a column erected in 1808 to the glory of the Napoleonic victories. A pedestal with a fountain was added in 1858, raising the column. The fountain, adorned with sphinxes and statues. Along the quays, there are two theaters built at the request of Baron Haussmann: the Theatre du Châtelet (see above) and the Theatre de la ville; more info here:



The idea here is to sight see, window shopping, zip a coffee, have a glass of wine, do some shopping, and then go to a theater play, choose your site ,is all wonderful. Enjoy it in Paris, of course. So ok can’t resist. My hangouts are Le Zimmer right on the square or a bit further Au Trappiste (tops for aperos/happy hours/after work) at rue St Denis. Here are some reviews from Yelp my blogroll recommended place:


And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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