Paris CDG airport, museum!!!

So back from my latest and final 2018 abroad trip , this time was Vietnam. Now back to my belle France. I went by my second “home” CDG at Roissy-en-France or Paris airport and voilà always hearing about the museum, walk by it several times, and now finally went in. I am like that , it takes extra time and energy to wandered in an airport…

So where is this museum? Well, it is terminal 2 section E Satellite M right next of the Air France lounge I so lazely go to and again never went inside the museum,sorry. Of course, this had to be done right, so the Musée d’Orsay is responsable for setting it up.


paris cdg T2 E M museum space Seraphine de Senlis or Louis dec18

Right now and until March 2019 there is an exhibition of the work of Dina Vierny, the model of sculptor Aristide Maillol. More on the Espaces museum is here: Espace Musées at CDG airport Paris

Dina Vierny came to Paris at age 15 escaping the Soviet Stalin’s gulag. She arrived in Paris and immediately work for Aristide Maillol. In 1947 she opened  a painting gallery in Paris welcoming all the Russian emigres of the times.  She creates a foundation that is part of the Eiffel tower. Then the fondation that will host the musée Malliol.

The connections are very easy and a snap just read the signs really.  T2E Sat M is connected by transit train.  The transit train connects the main building (hall K) with hall L & hall M.

Espace Museums organizes two new and free temporary exhibitions every year. The space is an architectural setting of 250 square meters of Museum area. It exhibits at the airport Paris-Charles de Gaulle art works from the largest museums in Paris and thus offers to travellers an exceptional and original cultural experience.


An exhibition now going on that illustrates the life and the collection of an unusual personality, actress and witness of the great history of Art of the 20C, and to whom Paris owes the creation of the museum Maillol. Ten years after her disappearance, Paris Aéroport pays homage to her by presenting 21 works at the Espace Musées, coming from the special collection of her sons, Olivier and Bertrand Lorquin, allowing to trace her history in a new way in partnership with the Fondation Dina Vierny An unprecedented exhibition, which offers you a pleasant moment and an original look behind the scenes of the world of Parisian art of the 20C.

paris cdg T2 E M museum entering in dec18



Some further webpages to help you understand this work.

Musée Maillol Paris

Galerie Dina Vierny Paris

A bit more visual from youtube on Maillol museum

Indeed a wonderful experience and free to all with a boarding pass and on trips to Asia and the Americas. Enjoy it, and one more reason Paris is eternal, the city of lights!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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