My travels in the Morbihan, LXXV

And on my last post before my last trip abroad of 2018, here I am in my rainy cloudy but mild Morbihan breton. All roads here are clear indeed. Temp 12C or about 54F and foggy. Paris is the same but a bit cooler at 51F, and a lot hotter with the strikes especially on the Champs-Elysées.

In my neck of the woods and getting ready tomorrow early for my trip to Asia , I had to finish some errands in my area. Even in rainy times and knowing how to get around the local barricades especially at the traffic circle of Luscanen in Vannes.

First, we went to Castorama to get back the repair grass cutter ryobi that turns out to be not that good, second time repair and will see the performance now. It is difficult to have a customer service here that can replace the goods, rather than continue to repair it. I will give it one last try. I took advantage to refill for gas/petrol here at the best prices in the area.

From there, we went to Armand Thiery where been our famous fashion store we did our purchases for Christmas. This is very nice modern trendy clothes in nice colors we love as a family.


We went two ways, some went to Joué Club (closed 2021) for some model cars and boat purchase for Christmas and some went to FNAC to get some dvd’s ,both walking distance from each other. And we had our thirst calm at the La Cervoiserie beer and take out place between them.



We continue to Micromania in the centre commercial Carrefour to have our boys tapes on video games. We, also, did some Christmas candy purchases at Carrefour and did our groceries as well.

While at cc Carrefour, I was able to finally have the time to stop by the Orange store and take the fingerprint password I had on my phone as it was very inconvenience for me to have this ultra security, never a problem so fingerprint password eliminated!

On our way home , we stop to our favorite bakery in town Boulangerie Delameau (closed new owners new bakery) to get our fav Breizh baguette. A bit more but a bit better bread too than a normal baguette.

Now home  having some munchies from the work place basket goodies I got with the alcohol free Pear juice as we are very country on the job, meaning conservative.

And while watching the events on TV especially going on in Paris where the yellow vests or jackets are still at it facing 8000 police force with armored cars and all. Most stores including the big dept stores Galeries Lafayette, Au Printemps etc are closed as well. France is on the move, and I do not see a slowdown due to the difference in social class very evident here and spread in Europe , the reason the right has made a comeback.

Tomorrow, I have a flight at 6h that is 6am from Nantes airport so hoping no barriers and the long trip out to Asia where I will arrive Monday morning. It will be thru Friday and back home next Saturday. My last business trip of year!!!

I take this time to wish all my readers, family and friends, and visitors, the very wishes for a wonderful Merry Christmas 2018, with much travel, health , and good cheers. Until we read again, bye bye!!

13 Comments to “My travels in the Morbihan, LXXV”

  1. Paris is on fire! What is it with the French? Is it the spirit 0f 1789?

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  2. You had a very busy day. Have a safe flight to Asia and Merry Christmas to you too.
    Ps. Shamed about Paris, we saw it on tv and it was so chaotic, with burning cars, rioting on the shops, etc. hope it calm down soon.


    • yes democracy at its best, we the people for the people and by the people, citizens rule politicians are just our managers, Taxes will get you always. ! thanks cheers and out


  3. I am glad you got all your chores and shopping done in time. So sad about all the disruption in Paris! I agree with peaceful protest, but not with vandalism and violence. Have a good trip to Asia and I hope it is all over when you get back. Merry Christmas to you too. 🎄⛄❄

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