Bercy Village, Paris of course!

Now keeping in line of the fine places to see in Paris away from most visitors on the off the beaten path ,however, nice to visit and enjoy the culinary historical eternal Paris. I like to bring you to a place have come with family and business (my company held our annual convention once there).

I will tell a bit on Bercy Village. This is a nice place especially if come at night, with plenty of nice restaurant in a quant chic place in my eternal Paris.

Bercy Village is a commercial and leisure center based in the 12éme arrondissement of Paris, inaugurated in May 2000, and open to the public in 2002 It is served by the metro line 14 stop Cour Saint-Émilion

This was built on the place of the old storehouses and warehouses of Bercy the place was an important place of the market and the logistics of the wine in the 19C and the beginning of the 20C. In the 19C there was the largest wine and spirits market in the world: the Cour Saint-Émilion was an immense warehouse and a wine sales counter, previously bottled not far from there, at Bercy. Beverages transported by the Seine river directly from the Yonne, Burgundy, Algeria, or by train via Gare de Lyon from the south of France.


There are now some thirty shops and restaurants nestled in these old warehouses, giving a very nice architectural side, human size, cozy. A movie theater complex is also located at the end of the street as well as several hotel chains. It has 46 19C cellars divided in two rows and separated by a paved courtyard, where visitors stroll, when they do not take place on one of the many terraces to enjoy themselves. The neighborhood is nowadays very lively and comes alive even more when demonstrations take place at the Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy (now known as the AccorHotels Arena). Bercy Village is adjacent to a small quiet park very nice too.

To imagine the activity of the time, nothing like to go a few steps away, at the pavilions of Bercy, which once housed the Chais Lheureux, the name of the pupil of the architect Victor Baltard (of Halles and others fame). Just a few meters from the Cour Saint-Émilion, on the edge of the rue des Canoes, there are six large cellars of millstone stones with a very industrial appearance, metal structures, rails , or even brick vaults used as passageways. Far from the appearance of a sanitized hair of Bercy Village, the soul of the place and its past are more palpable. But if the exterior keeps its form of yesteryear, the interior of the cellars is now invested by the magnificent Museum of Fairground Arts or musée des Arts forains.

With family or friends, Bercy Village is a pedestrian place of leisure and pleasure… a small parenthesis without a car, in a historical place out of time. Perfect for an outing with family or friends during an evening or even during the day.

Some webpages to help you plan your visit here are

Official Bercy Village

Tourist office of Paris on Bercy Village

Ïle de France region tourist office on Bercy Village

Hope you enjoy it and do stop by very lively fun spot in a quaint old corner of my eternal Paris.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Not many people dining there!


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