The good times , sights and architecture beauty of the Philippines!

I will do this post on the bars and sights on my last trip there or my 4th overall to the Philippines. This one is on fun and architecture with mostly photos. Enjoy it!

I like to start with some night spots I went and truly enyoyed with locals.

At Cebu, (Mandaue city) we went to the Jump shot Sports Bar, a rather rocking place with a terrace overlooking the main street. Plenty of cheers good beers and friendly company. More here: Jump Shot Sports Bar


We had great fun here and another on the book for a return visit. Recommended.

Then, in Manila we went to the Road House Manila Bay,and it was rocking live with a good band and friendly nice service. The band was Spank Me Regor and was again very good indeed worth going back for them, very nice vocals music from the 80’s! The place official webpage is here: The Road House Manila Bay




We were there by the harbor so there was a nice big wheel that remainded me of the one in Paris place de la concorde.


I went up to Lemery in Isabela province for breathtaking views of Twin Lakes.





While passing by the nice fruit market of Tagaytay. 


All on the road warrior I like and nice memories of the Philippines. As said, this was my fourth trip there and been to several islands, great memories, great friends and many souvenirs. Do not know when back but if long the memories will lingered forever. Thanks Philippines.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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2 Comments to “The good times , sights and architecture beauty of the Philippines!”

  1. Not sure I will ever go to the Philippines, but I like the look of Twin Lakes: my kind of place. Glad to know it wasn’t all work for you and that you had time to enjoy yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

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