Some news from France CXCXVIII

So here back with some news of my belle France! The weather is still cloudy and cool at  14C in my neck of the woods of Morbihan, and in eternal Paris is 17C  with more sunshine at 16h or 4pm. There are many events leading up to the commemoration of WWI or the Great War as it is known here.

In the course of this week’s events, here are some of my favorites news.

Emmanuel Macron embarks on a new marathon. This past Sunday in Strasbourg, the president embarked on a week-long journey in the footsteps of the Great War (WWI), from Verdun to the Somme. The purpose of this roaming, as the Elysée calls it, is to go to meet our ancestors the poilus, these some eight million who fought from 1914 to 1918. In total, Emmanuel Macron will visit 11 departments and 17 cities. The president will visit the sites of the war but also go to territories. These are Strasbourg, Morhange, Pont-à-Monsoon, Pompy, Les Eparges, Verdun, Reims, Charleville-Mézières, Rozoy-sur-Serres, La Flamegrie, Feignions, Maubeuge, Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, Lens, Albert, Péronne, Compiègne, and Paris. In black ,towns that I have been to. Unfortunately, this is also part of politics with some rumblings going on now here, and some visitor coming now not so strong after Merkel of Germany decided not to run for re election, and the USA election tomorrow for Congress seats.

According to the management of Disneyland Paris; Star Wars, the Snow Queen and Marvel: The Disney galaxy will still grow in Marne-La-Vallée. By 2025, the three new universes of Disneyland Paris will open to the millions of visitors of the amusement parks of Chessy (Seine-et-Marne 77); Three public meetings are scheduled for Tuesday evening and on 14 and 22 November to inform the population of the Val d’Europe for the construction restrictions. The Marvel universe will serve as the European base of the Avengers ‘s  headquarters.  They will remake Rock’n’Roller coaster to create an experience against evil, alongside Ironman. On the Snow Queen, the town of Arendelle must be recreated with attractions where our visitors can meet their favorite character. And on Star Wars, they are going to create an immersive place where our visitors will live like in a galaxy. From 2019 until 2025, the three new worlds will be set up in the second park, the Walt Disney Studios. With 31 ha to be set up (12 ha for new attractions, 8 ha for backstage, 11 ha for construction site and road), the expectations in terms of employment are enormous. Hopes that this extension will promote longer stays of tourists on the area as well as the construction of new hotels. More on Disneyland Paris here:

Victoria’s Secret, The famous American lingerie brand, will it open in 2019 its first French flagship on the Champs-Elysées? The experts believe this news is credible. The Italian group Percassi, owner of the 1 500 m2 of the Queen’s premises, closed since April 2018, would first consider installing a Kiko make-up shop. But commercial experts believe that the surface would be too big for such a sign. Hence the theory on the installation at this location of a Victoria’s Secret shop, of which the Percassi group holds the license. Victoria’s Secret is rich in 1 200 stores around the world including a small shop at Orly Airport as well as at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport since last May.

As of this Monday (today), November 5, you can see trains of the tramway T3b circulate between the Porte de la Chapelle and Asnières, the extension of the tramway of the Maréchaux  which will actually enter into commercial service on November 24th 2018. More on the line and tramways of Paris here:

Meaux,  my dear late wife Martine native town, something wonderful for the lovers of good cheese, the Brie de Meaux ! This past Sunday the dean of the Brotherhood of Brie de Meaux blows the candle of the birthday cake of the Maison du Brie de Meaux. The small museum in the Episcopal city celebrated its second anniversary this past Sunday. More on it here:

In Saint-Germain-en-Laye, (Yvelines 78) the  l’Apothicairerie  Royale (Royal apothecary) reveals its treasures until the end of March 2019, you will discover these pots of the 17C and  18C in which the apothecaries concoction their remedies.

For the lovers of good wine: This past October 22nd, one of the largest castles in Pauillac obtained the Ecocert France certification, which validates the production of organic wines. A first in the closed circle of the prestigious areas of Bordeaux. Unofficially, this wine has been for at least three years, obligatory conversion time to obtain the Ecocert France certification, but the body that validates the production of organic wines has just delivered its precious decision. Château Latour will be officially organic from the 2018 vintage. The work carried out by the château, which has been owned by François Pinault since 1993, marks a real turning point. The figures are there which show that the train is en route. On the wine expert blog of  “Côté Châteaux” of France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Jean-Pierre Stahl points out that 15% of all the classified crus of 1855 are now switched to organic, when the whole vineyard of Bordeaux is still only 8%. Another locomotive will soon leave the station: Château Margaux, one of the five largest on the left bank, is also in conversion. More on Latour here:

The Fondation Henri Cartier- Bresson inaugurates tomorrow November 6th the more spacious premises in Paris with a retrospective of Martine Franck. Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) signed unforgettable portraits of his contemporaries, but himself refused to be photographed, and he pulled a knife out of his pocket to discourage any attempt to steal his image. The founder of the Magnum agency, who marked the history of photography with his dazzling images, did not do many self-portraits either. Huge works have turned an old car garage into an air-conditioned and state-of-the-art exhibition and storage area of 900 square meters .More here:

A notice to Photography enthusiasts! Be aware that the Grand Palais provides free online courses on the history of photography from November 5th until December 31st 2018.  After the success of the online courses on the history of art and on Picasso, the Grand Palais provides free online courses on the history of photography, on the occasion of Paris Photo 2018. Enough to refine your photographic knowledge and technique.  Delivered by the Orange Foundation for Culture and NMR-Grand Palais, this MOOC (for Massive Open Online Course) approaches in 6 sequences the great movements as well as the authors and the clichés that have marked the history of photography. Direction the site Mooc Photo where already more than 10 000 enthusiasts have registered! The courses are open to all, available free of charge 24 hours a day, and bonuses, at each end of the sequence, a quiz allows you to test your knowledge. More in French here:

So you want to speak French ok how about mixed up with some English, you can have Franglais !! This is every day life here and I think hilarious !! To get straight to the point, we’re just here to let you know that even if  we like English, you have to be able to dose it properly on a daily basis.  We have nothing against a beautiful mixture of cultures. We are just looking to warn most people before they fall into the syndrome called “Afida Turner”.  Our friends the English and the Americans influence us daily with their art (music, films, series…), and by this way, their language. Here are 10 phrases that need to (really) try to use less here in my belle France!!!

1 – Mainstream : Rather cool term because it defines well the state of notoriety of such or such thing, that said… Popular passes as well, huh?

2 – Random : We like to use it, but in itself, we have enough to do with many French synonyms (as commonplace ).

3 – Boriiing :  What annoys us most is probably the lengthening of the word. It sounds very bitchy, and it’s not positive.

4 – Whatever… Still in the same line, the whatever becomes very bitchy with the sharp accent that is added and that makes a lot of shit.

5 – Asap :  That means  “as soon as possible ” (either  “as fast as possible “). You could say that it is a time saver, but it is very effective too…

6 – Anyway… : It can also be added to the family of the bitchy talk (Franglais assumed). Especially annoying when a person places it to move on to something else in a debate.

7 – Bae : Bae does not want to say babe, but before anywone else (before all the others). Unfortunately, in the mouth, the term resonates very little girl who can no longer…..

8 – Cute : One must recognize that the term is quite effective and more practical than a “mignon “. Unfortunately, this over-exploitation has exhausted all  and  tired us out a little by force.

9 – Obviously (ou of course) :  For the time being, there are so obvious alternatives that one wonders why people are going to look so far… A simple  “obviously ” or  “Of course ” is largely enough.

10 – Target : Word that defines that person you dig and want. Only in the ear, the term gives the impression that seducing this person represents a psychotic mission. So, the crush presents itself as the alternative: a real vicious circle!

Yes we do Franglais a lot at work and on night outs here, but mostly just for our inner circle lol!

Enjoy your time in my belle France, and maybe you can catch up on some news here too.  vous avez besoin de faire le target ::)

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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