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November 2, 2018

My travels in the Morbihan, LXXII

So here we are again on this time a mild cold day and sometimes sunny temps were in the 13C and were down to 8C in the morning. So we did our usual errands in our neck of the woods, the Morbihan breton dept 56 in the region of Brittany/Bretagne or Breizh.

We set out to do several errands most of the usual ones already mentioned several times here in my blog. the usual selling of video games (easycash) and buying new ones (micromania)  by the boys and the reading on especially travel books at the FNAC in Vannes, and of course shopping in our Saturday market which is very nice.

We , also went to do our course or groceries shopping (E Leclerc) for the rest. And stop by a favorite restaurant (tablapizza) of my dear late wife Martine. IN all the weekend is not over as Toussaints and the pont day of today plus the weekend ,I have a long 4 day weekend! Oh Toussaints is the All Saints’ s Day and the pont is a bridge off day we get in our belle France.

The E leclerc hypermarket is huge with about 60 cashiers not always working at the same time, automatic cashier lanes, preferred customer lanes, less than 10 articles lanes and you name inside all you can imagine to purchase in one spot. There is even a travel agency and a bank!

Then , it has a nice cultural center that is like a fnac of their own with all the electronics and books, cd’s, dvd’s etc etc you can imagine on a separate store in the same commercial center.

Inside in the commercial center, you have about 25  other stores including a post office, bank,and restaurants. The stores are your typical mall names but covers all needs really. There is underground parking that we love as well with direct escalator stairs to the center.

We had to eat when we are out so long so we went to favorite of my dear late wife Martine,and the boys, the pizzeria Tablapizza. The folks there know us well and we have been away for a while due to my wife’s passing. The staff and especially the manager was very moved by the unfortunate event that I went thru and it made me feel human after all, people do care; and it was nice to patronized a humanistic place like Tablapizza of Vannes.

We had our Espagnole or Spanish pizza for the chorizos in me, with a nice bottle of white chenin Domaine à Deux of the Loire, and profiterolles with strawberry ice cream for dessert and expresso coffee, all for 26€ per person. Of course, my sons had different things from rolled pizzas to pastas.

We had finally fixed the couple of tiles missing from our front tile stair, and pay for services to have a night movement light in our front garden driveway so if coming late at night there will be light automatically on! Also, a new shower wall handle and kitchen sink water tap. AND, we finish painting the cellar area of our basement ready for the woodwork in a proper winecellar! We are waiting already book and approuve to have our garage door and house driveway entry door replace before Christmas this year. There, litlle by little the house is completely modernized……

Ok , an update on the family of the Morbihan adopted Bretons indeed, times flies but already over 5 yrs in this house,and almost 8 in Brittany!!!

And, just you know, remember always; happy travels, good health, and wishing many cheers to all!!! And I thank you for keeping up with me on this blog!!!!!!

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