My travels in the Morbihan, LXXI

So here I am on a busy Saturday just back and tired  the running around is awesome but with a few beers is even better: oh I said tired not in the proper sense but only tired of not been able to stay more out lol! And on my 1 672 post!!!!

The weather around here is fully Autumn and leaves fallens and turning yellowish not to mention the temperature is crazy from 15C in the morning to 25C in the afternoon! Anyway we did went out to do our errands

We started at the bank in Auray, ho ho ho of course, we need to get those moneys in the right account. Then, we continue to do my son’s moto enthusiast deal at Morbihan Moto or Dafy accessories for a nice bag from yamaha. The store is an often trip for us lately since he purchase a scooter Mash from this dealer, and loves the freedom of it. It is at nearby Ploeren. See it here: Morbihan Moto

Once arriving in Vannes, we parked as always nice and easy at the Parking Republique next to the post office and the department government building. This and other parkings here: Parkings of Vannes


Then , we move on to FNAC oh yes definitively they needed to load up on guide books and mangas here, this is in Vannes. I have told you about this store before several times, one of our favorites for many things; the local webpage is here: FNAC at Vannes

From there we went deep into old town Vannes to seek out another of my boys favorite the Japanese mangas store Japanim; again mentioned before, this is one of their favorite store and more here: Japanim store at Vannes


From here been around, we just headed for the Saturday morning market day in Vannes, just super and one of favorite activities in the area for years, where the merchants are now very well known to us and they recognise us immediately with many tastings delights. More info on this one the best and others here: City of Vannes on market days




We did go into our favorite wine store Nicolas for a load of 6 bottles of Château Cavalier provence rose wine by one of my son’s as roses are his favorites and this property is very good. The store here: Nicolas at Vannes

More on the wine here: Château Cavalier


By now we were loaded and hungry. We had tried this restaurant in Honfleur Calvados Normandy a while back and posted, however, saw they had a property near us lol! (so much to see everywhere!!!) So we decided that we will try it locally, and this was the day. We headed direction Lorient on the N165 expressway to the town of Lanester ,which is loaded with stores, shops, restaurants you name it all alongside the expressway. There we found our Oncle  Scott.

Oncle Scott (Uncle Scott) is an American Western inspired chain of 6 by a Frenchman who fell in love with the concepts while visiting the USA. The restaurant is nicely decorated with western, indian artifacts and the service is prompt and friendly. The food is awesome American style with lots of quantity for the plate , loads of it. I thought will be blown like a balloon lol!




I had the big double stack of beef Cadillac burger with green salads, baked potatoes and French fries, down the hatch with good cold Sol Mexican beers , and a nice Pecan Addict dessert with you name it pecans and brownies in a vanilla caramel ice cream! A bit extra on the beers and the bill came out to 31,75€ per person. A great deal for lots of food on the table big quantities in fact you can easily share one burger!  We are planning to celebrate my twins bday next month here so if in the area drop me a note!

The restaurant is at  Rue Gustave Zédé, Parc d’activité de Malebos; 56600 Lanester
Tél +33 (0) 2 90 61 24 91. General webpage here: Oncle Scott


Now with full bellies and happy campers , we headed back into the expressway N165 heading back to Vannes to do our groceries at our favorite E Leclerc hypermarket and Cultural center for more books by my boys as well. The grocery shopping here is fun and the folks especially by the butcher shop love us and we do them too!!! There is a centre commercial or shopping center here with other smaller stores and even underground parking which we love. More here: E Leclerc hypermarket at Vannes

While there ,the gendarmerie or national police type here was holding demonstration on security as well as the volunteer sea rescue org SNSM of which I am a donor, great job helping folks at sea and on the beaches as lifeguards. There was also some cars on display including a beautiful Caravelle in the USA market by Renault and call in France the Floride (Florida).

We did our usual walking around before heading back home to rest and get on the news , blog and friends and family contacts afar. Also, a nice football /soccer game Holland vs Germany! You stay well

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

2 Comments to “My travels in the Morbihan, LXXI”

  1. It sounds like you had a marvellous weekend too and very busy. I share your son’s
    love for rosé wine, although I prefer the lighter ones from the Loire region, like Cabernet d’Anjou or Anjou de Loire, as well as your weakness for pecan nuts with anything, especially on breakfast cereal. I have never seen that chain of western restaurants, but plenty of Buffalo Grills! All the best for your twins’ birthday next month. 👍

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