A bit of the sea at Cap d’Ail, Alpes-Maritime!

SO on a bit cloudy cool grey Sunday in my neck of the woods reminicents of Fall just now, and looking forward to another weeks of reports why not indulge myself on the Sea; not just the one near me mind you but far away in my belle France. I like to come back to Cap d’Ail, in Alpes Maritime dept 06, PACA region.

As in everything in my belle France for me especially since living here already 15 years  of my life, I have realised that the whole country is beautiful. Not that folks tells me, or books told us, but living it and enjoying it everyday reminded me that no matter where you are in France, there is always the exclamation “Oh how beautiful it is! “Well this place is no difference.

Let me come back to tell you a bit more on this corner of France ,really a corner of France! I had a taste of Cap d’Ail just in the border with Monte Carlo, Monaco!  I arrived by Avis rental car from the Nice-Côte d’Azur airport coming in on the A8, then M6007, and into city center and port Cap d’Ail.

The town is crossed by the RD 6098 (lower Corniche) and the RD 6007 (formerly RN7-known as the “Middle Corniche” called Avenue Prince-Rainier-III-de-Monaco) on its northern periphery. On the seafront, the coastal Trail is an old renovated course of 3 600 m, joining the beaches Mala and Marquet, passing by the pointe des Douaniers (Customs). To the north: border with the Turbie. /Isola 2000, at 105 km. /Grenoble, at 340 km. /Lyon, at 492 km. /Paris, at 954 km.  To the east: border with the Fontvieille district of Monaco. /Menton, 16 km away. /Ventimiglia (Italy), 29 km away. /San Remo (Italy), 59 km away. /Genoa (Italy), at 183 km. /Rome (Italy), at 694 km.  To the West: border with Èze. /Beaulieu-sur-Mer, 9 km away. /Nice, 18 km away. /Toulon, at 170 km. /Marseille, at 226 km.

Main arrival of Garlic merchants in 1848, Cap d’Ail, which was called before its creation la Turbie-sur-Mer, was the maritime façade of the commune of La Turbie before it was detached in 1908.   At the end of WWII it was liberated on September 3, 1944. The town has beaches famous for their natural, as well as a coastal path, bordering a typical Mediterranean vegetation. The steep terrain, characteristic of the Monegasque watershed, plunges the town from the vertical slopes of the dog’s head to the wild coves of the Mala beaches.

A webpage for the heritage and monuments and such info here: City of Cap d’Ail on heritage info

A superb walk in a wild and very bucolic setting is to be done by the seaside Trail (coastal trail). This stroll (approx. 3.6 km) will take you from the Marquet Beach to Mala Beach, you will pass by pinewood forest and overlook the cliffs and rocks where the waves come to crash. Close to the sea, a peaceful garden, the Sacha Guitry Park has been set up in restore land next to the villa (which once belonged to this famous author). He is not the only one to have been conquered by Cap D’Ail.  Its 5 km of coastline has attracted many personalities, the Prince of Wales, the Tsarevich, the Lumière brothers, Greta Garbo, Apollinaire, and of course Cocteau…

The artificial port of Cap d’Ail, at the eastern end of the territory of the town, has its northeast quay on the border with Monaco, in Fontvieille as the entire eastern part of the town. The port of Cap d’Ail extends over a water body of 47,000 m² and has 257 mooring berths. Regattas and feasts of the sea are organized during the season and attract many amateurs. The Heliport is 3 minutes away, allowing Monaco and Nice to be connected by a 6-minute flight. The Marina can accommodate boats up to 60 meters.

More on the port of Cap d’Ail here: Port of Cap d’Ail in English

cap d'ail

cap d'ail

cap d'ail

The wonderful beaches which had no time to see them all, but briefly Mala is worth it for sure.

Pissarelles Beach: The only way to reach it is via a winding path off the lower Corniche road. The beach of the Pissarelles is reserved for the most sporty, it is lined with rocks and accessible by a path a little difficult for the children.

Mala Beach: Accessed either via the Littoral Coastal path or via the Mala steps which run alongside the great and illustrious Eden residence. The Mala Beach is nestled in the vegetation and accessible on foot by a small footpath, it is also family oriented and has 2 restaurants.

Marquet Beach: Popular with both families and sports enthusiasts, the beach offers many activities. It can also be accessed and used by the handicapped. The Marquet beach is the most family-run, gentle slope and easy access, it houses the nautical circle and has 2 restaurants.

More on the beaches from the tourist office: Tourist office Cap d’Ail on the beaches

More on my favorite webpage on beaches of France here in English: Plages tv beaches webpage on Cap d’Ail

cap d'ail

cap d'ail

There hope you enjoy this place, Cap d’Ail, a bit pricey due to the proximity of Monaco ,but for a romantic getaway is perfect indeed…..

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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6 Comments to “A bit of the sea at Cap d’Ail, Alpes-Maritime!”

  1. Ah, you’re over in my neck of the woods though not one of my favourite spots due to its proximity to Monaco.

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  2. I gad never heard of Cap d’Ail before. It looks amazing, like Nice and the rest of the Côte d’Azure.

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  3. We crossed back from Italy on the coastal road 4 years ago and it was a rather hairy experience!

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