The sights of Mexico, and me!

So winding down on my story of Mexico lindo y querido ( pretty and dear), I have some pictures of random sights of every day life that I feel important to share in my blog. Not overly touristic because I always try to combine the tourism with something local ,unique.

My randoms trips there and the driving around as well as walking, oh yes you can walk in Mexico city if you know the area well. It is fun and lots of architecture curiosities. I hope you enjoy this mostly photo almanach of mine.

The tourist office of Mexico on Mexico city or DF (federal district or distrito federal): Tourist office of Mexico

The tourist office of Mexico city itself: Tourist office of Ciudad Mexico or Mexico city

One of the unique statues I saw there while walking was the Lebanese monument statue not far from the Centro Libanés, the immigration to Mexico started in 1880 by Veracruz. By 1979, the statue was done in the city and by 2003 a replica was done in Beirut.  The statue is at Av de los Insurgentes Sur and  avenida Rio Mixcoac . More of the story in Spanish here: Lebanese immigrants


There is a nice Park or Parque del Hundido back from Insurgentes Sur and Mercaderes st, at the end there is a rotunda and the park is in it. Very popular with dogs lovers who take their walk there,the park is in excellent conditions and clean. If you like dogs like me you will love to spend time there. More here: Parque del Hundido on Yelp

More in Spanish from the Mexico city tourist office: Tourist office on Parque del Hundido

A view by Centro Manacar shopping center on Insurgentes Sur avenue on foot.


A view from above my hotel City Express Plus Insurgentes from my office on street leading to the Parque del Hundido .

And while in Merida went to the baseball fields of clubs for kids, the name was long and local dialect and do not recall now but there were at least 8 baseball fields with all club level and ages divisions playing on a Saturday.

And that was it, the last trip to Mexico is done,and now already looking forward to the next one wherever that may be. Enjoy it! Ah yes, I did said ,and ME! in Merida La Isla shopping center fountain.


And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

4 Comments to “The sights of Mexico, and me!”

  1. How interesting to find out abot Jorge Negrete’s military career: I had no idea about that. My parents loved him and we had several of his records at home when I was very young, so I practically grew up listening to his beautiful voice and songs. A few years ago, I bought a CD of his greatest hits for nostalgia’s sake, but sadly, we had to get rid of all our CDs and records when we sold the house.. Thank you for bringing back such happy memories. 👍

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  2. And I believe he was also very handsome and a bit of a ladies’ man! 😂

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