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September 22, 2018

Parc Asterix, le French!

Ah can’t believe it not written a post on this wonderful park. Parc Asterix is the quiensentional French attractions park.You hear folks coming here asking for the other American park , but if you come to France for all French  ,then you need to bring your children here, period.

I know I took mine earlier, tiny kids of about 8,10 years old and they love it so much still today young men they still remember fondly of their visits here with Mom and Dad. It is highly recommended for all visitors to see it and if planning on living for a period here or permanently then it is a must. You need to have children of course but adults will enjoy it too , me think.

At the more French parc Asterix , a tourist complex including a theme park and two hotels opened on 30 April 1989. The theme park is dedicated to the world of comics from Uderzo and Goscinny, and   It is located in Plailly, Oise, dept 60 about 30 km from Paris. It is not open all year, need to check their schedules, this year they will be open until November 4, 2018.

Let me tell you a bit about it .  First a bit of the history I like

From 1981, Albert Uderzo, after visiting Disneyland in California, imagines a project of an amusement park on the theme of Asterix. The summer of 1987 marks the beginning of the construction of the park ,the location is chosen among other things – because of its network of communications such as the nearby Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport at only 10 km away, a private interchange connects the park to the A1 highway and a shuttle service makes the junction with a metro line.

The 22-hectare amusement park is composed at the time (1989) of five thematic areas: Via Antiqua, the village of Asterix, the Rue de Paris, the Great Lake and the Roman city. In 1993, Great European Theme Parks was founded in response to the arrival of Euro Disneyland. Its members were Europa-Park, Alton Towers, Parc Asterix, Efteling and Liseberg. In 1994 and for the first time in its history, the theme park is profitable. In the same year, Parc Asterix SA was introduced to the Second market of the Paris Stock Exchange. In 1998,it bought the Grand aquarium Saint-Malo .In 1999, it merged with the Grévin-France Miniature Museum Group. The company then becomes Grévin & Compagnie SA. This year, 1999   the 3-Hiboux (owl) hotel with a capacity of 100 rooms is inaugurated in July. The Hotel des 3 Hiboux added in 2017 50 additional rooms to reach the number of 150. In addition, a convention and seminar center is in addition to the availability offered by the park. In june 2002 , the Compagnie des Alpes acquired Grévin & Cie via a takeover bid and created CDA Parks; the current owners.

Today, the park is officially composed of six universes:

Via antiqua , the street, also contains numerous shops and restaurants such as the large market of Lutèce, the Gaulish galleries, the Candy Palace, at Rahazade, Edifis, Gravédanlonix or The good Legionnaire again.

The Roman Empire: Romus and Rapidus: A rapid river aboard large buoys: The Spies of Caesar: Air circuit where passengers embark on board small vehicles moving slowly, formerly equipped with pedals to increase their speed;   the Carousel of Caesar: Carousel on the theme of the main characters of the comics.; The little train: train for children., The challenge of Caesar: Mad House on the theme of the recruitment of the Roman legion.; Gaulish-Romans: The match: Show in the Roman arena of 940 seats located at the exit of the Via Antiqua.

parc asterix

The Ancient Greece: the Trojan Horse: Flying carpet type attraction: The Flight of Icarus: Roller coaster on the theme of the flight and then the fall of the son of Daedalus. The river of Elis: Peaceful voyage aboard small buoys in the typical Greek gardens: the Hydra of Lerna: Attraction type Octopus, thunder of Zeus: Wooden roller coasters of a height of   33 meters and a speed of around 80 km/h; Discobélix: Disk’O Coaster type attraction on the theme of the Olympic Games;   Pegasus Express: Roller coaster launched with the specialty to go back halfway. ; The Theatre of Poseidon: Dolphinarium of 2 000 seats offering performances of large dolphins and sea lions.

parc asterix

The Vikings; The Galley: Attraction type rocking boat; The Aces Squadron: small aircraft rides. The Mini-Carousel: Carousel for toddlers; Les petits Drakkars: small boat rides; The small flying chairs: Carousel of flying chairs reserved for children; Justforkix: Long metal roller coasters holding the European record of inversions with 7 elements,for a time. Aérolaf: Aérobar. This bar that rises along a 35 meters tower is not considered an attraction. It is operated by a company outside the Parc Asterix .

parc asterix

A travers le temps (Through time): Transdemonium: Ghost Train on the theme of the year thousand; The horses of the Roy: Carousel similar to his counterpart of the Roman Empire, but oriented on a medieval theme; National 7: Circuit of crates through a small campaign evoking the Blue Road; Flying chairs: Carousel of flying chairs; The Oxygénarium: Descent of buoys in a large toboggan offers a machine to take a breath of air. Decontamination, expiration, arrival at peaks of the tops and it is the fall; Low hand on the Mona Lisa: Spectacle of stunts. A chase between thieves and gendarmes, with pyrotechnic effects temporal journey: itinerant spectacle animated by two guides describing the different eras present in the area the spectacle of the Rue de Paris: Spectacle of animatronics. The Musketeers: Show staging The Three Musketeers between the two covered passages of the area.

Bienvenue chez le Gaulois : (Welcome to the Gaul): Épidemaïs Cruises circuit of boats around the village where you can find characters from the main adventures of Asterix (Asterix at Rahàzade, Asterix in the Helvetii, etc.). The cauldrons: Cup-type carousel where visitors sit in cauldrons; Menhir Express: Attraction type flume. Path between the forest and the Egyptian area ending with a fall of 13 meters the Trace of the Hooray: roller coaster bobsleigh 900 meters downhill for a speed approaching 60 km/h. Grand Splat: Water circuit on the heights of the Asterix rock (emblem of the park, visible from the highway) ending with a fall (type Shoot the chute, the small storm: Music express the small buffer tanks: cars-bumper for children   The Forest of the Druids: children’s playground with slides, magic Grotto… Illusions and Mentalism Magic Show set in the theater of Getafix of 600 seats.

parc asterix

The forest of Dogmatix (Idéfix) with Énigmatix: Small waterfall, Challis: Barnyard, Lavomatix: Jump around; Hydrolix: Aérodynamix Junior logs: Magic bikes.

Egypt;. OzIris: Inverted roller coasters. Its course includes five inversions as well as a passage under a basin after a lift/elevator of 40 meters . SOS Edifis: Junior rollercoaster with a length of 200 meters.

And important ,how you get here! And like any other park, be early.  See the site for latest times and rates.

By car which how we go, you get on the A1 autoroute:highway/motorway, and between exits 7 and 8 ,there is a private ramp to come into the park at approx. 40 min/30 km from Paris. Parking now is at 12 euros the day.

By shuttle from Paris round trip departure at 9h from the Louvre, return by 18h30 or 19h30 on Sundays in June. By shuttle from the RER station “Aéroport Charles de Gaulle”, Check out every 30 minutes on the way back.

The official webpage in English here: Parc Asterix

There you go, you can read it is more European, French and an enjoyable part of living here with children. You enjoy too ok.

parc asterix

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

ps Will be away traveling and no post for a while, see you early October!!!


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