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September 15, 2018

The Grund, Luxembourg city!

Let me bring you back east to a wonderful little country we have always like. It is like going to a cinderalla story and find Snow White ::) Well sort of ok you get the picture ok!

We have been to the city and the country many times and never tired of it, in fact I am thinking now….. Since moving to the Morbihan of Brittany I have been a bit away from the east of France as before from Versailles we went even just for lunch to Luxembourg city lol!

Well let me tell you about a magical place right out of cinderalla or snow white or whatever you think is nice, and a must to visit there. The Grund , yes is a canyon like district right in the city and now a very sought after place to live with plenty of ambiance.

Grund is one of the 24 districts of Luxembourg City. It is in this district, located at the foot of the upper city-or Ville-Haute and southeast of it, that the Pétrussese falls into the Alzette river , a tributary of the Sûre river.

Nestled in the fortified   Ville-Baisse or lower town of Luxembourg, just a few steps from the center, the Grund district, known for its cultural and architectural heritage, is undoubtedly one of the prettiest and most authentic areas of the city. You will have to go down the small cobblestone streets and along the points of water to walk into the Grund. But it’s worth it! It is a good stroll, summer and winter, to enjoy the beautiful landscapes surrounded by trees, stone buildings and old bridges. There, you just have to lift your head to enjoy a sumptuous view of the green heights of the city center or discover a detail about the historic buildings.

The cobbledstones streets dating back to the 10C (like the Bisserwee), 14C walls and buildings of the 14C punctuate this very charming district. The abbey of Neumünster restored, now a cultural center of encounters, after serving as a prison from the 19C to 1984. the National Museum of Natural History; and the St. John’s Church are some of the things to see here.



You will also find charming places in the “British” style where you can go out for a drink in the evenings when the area comes alive. We prefer to walk there, via the elevator/lift of the Saint Esprit or Holy Spirit, or by car, to enjoy the calm and tranquility that characterise the neighborhood. The Grund is also a beautiful starting point to start a walk on the Vauban circuit, or to take a bike ride to Hespérange. Conducive to strolls, the district of Grund is known for its calm and its atmosphere of a preserved small village.



Little public transport outside of buses 20 and 23 that go to the Grund. It is better to take the elevator/lift of the Holy Spirit or to walk up the paved Bisserwee street to reach the Upper city. The district of Grund is located in 20 minutes thereabout on foot from the central train station of Luxembourg city. Ladies, prefer comfortable shoes with high heels (to walk in cobbled stones streets). Count at least half a day to take full advantage of this historic area.



Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Tourist office of Luxembourg city

City of Luxembourg on the Grund

The Unesco recognition of the Grund

Also,included in this district and below town is the  Pétrusse Valley, located under the Adolphe Bridge ,it separates the upper town from the Bourbon Plateau. Accessible by the stairs or via the elevator/lift of the Holy Spirit, this valley has been arranged for the enjoyment of its inhabitants.



On the Grund side, enjoy the mini-golf and miniature train for the little ones, as well as the skate Park; On the Hollerich side, a public basketball court is at your disposal. The Pétrusse Valley also serves as a setting for the famous duck Race which takes place every year in the city, with thousands of ducks coming down the Pétrusse river!

The Pétrusse Express is the tourist train that takes you on a run to visit the city of Luxembourg, especially the lower town. The departure is about every 30 minutes and located at the Montée de Clausen near the bunkers of the Bock. More info here: info and purchase online tourist train of Pétrusse

In all , it is a very charming city with friendly people and beautiful architecture as well as dandy history including a Duchess from Havana ::)

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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