My travels in the Morbihan, LXX

So I am arriving at the end of my long French summer vacation. Going back to work on Thursday next yikes!! Its a mental process now, as on long vacations we have here , I think it makes  more difficult to go back. At least I took two days then the weekend to kick start my rentrée!

Today was sunny and nice clear skies and 22C or about 74F. We love like this not too cold not too hot ,just perfect Breton weather lol!

As we are doing many things, let me tell you that our basement is almost done; the cellars just need a bit of ceiling painted and that is it. Next period will be the rooms. I have already asked for quotes on replacing our garage door and driveway street door which were on the to do list for my dear late wife and I will finish them God willing.

Rex our borador is just superb, he begins to listen and follow me all over the house and out, he gets his walks in the park outside near us and on our large patio with lawn in the back which is about 350 sq meters or about 3766 sq feet (and we have similar size in the front of the house). Next we are planning taking him to Kerguehennec where there is a castle (and posts in my blog) and plenty of land to run with dogs on the leash ok.

We had not too much to do today. Our errands are dwindling down a lot. At least from our to do list. We went first to the post office building as in the back ,there are huge tanks to deposit used clothing for the needy.  And took advantage to get more baquette at our friendly boulangerie Delumeau.

I ran to the bank in Auray to help out my son on his account as someone took charges on not his, here the bank does the paperwork and he will be reimburse early next week and already given a new bank card. While we did this, my other two boys finished painting the cellars , great team work always. One for all ,and all for one!  While here we stop by our favorite beer joint to get more supplies …. beautiful delicious German beers we like , and do at V&B in Auray.

As they did a good job, decided to take them all and my Dad to eat again at the new restaurant Steak N Shake (the western American chain from old Route 66) opening here near our shopping area. They love their western bacon burgers, and I try a hot dog with ketchum and mustard lol! with a nutella banana milkshake yesss! and of course fries and pepsi cola; all for 15€ per person, so good.


We came back home to take Rex out again, and then we are getting ready for some chow at home with Berligou Loire red wine 2016 , a grape of the Loire that was a gift of the Duke of Burgundy to the Duke of Brittany in 1460 (they were cousins), and still produce in the Nantaise region, we visited the winery see previous post on Poiron Dabin.

So one more day tomorrow we plan on just rest and lazy stay around the house, and mentally preparing myself for the return to work on Thursday. Until next time in the Breton airwaves Kenavo!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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2 Comments to “My travels in the Morbihan, LXX”

  1. Glad you are making such good progress with renovations in the house and that you got your son’s bank account sorted out: one must be very careful these days with online banking and fraud. Well done to you all. And enjoy your walks with Rex! 👍

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