My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXVIII

So this is Sunday and coming slowly into the night, we had our rest day as usual when not traveling outside of the area.  A very French tradition Sunday is family day. Another continuing effort to show the real French side of living in France. The post series  was started when we moved in to our newest home back five years ago. It is now in its 28 edition ::)

As our family is so spread out in four different countries, and two continents, and in France far away east and north of Paris we are the lone westerners lol! As my time for travel or desire has diminish a bit;;;just a bit; we are staying closer to home too.

One of the things we have started to ease our week and take advantage of the Summer/Spring months is the barbecue. We are thinking in Fall/Winter to do so in the garage ,which is big.

We wanted a manuable barbecue for quick meals the old fashion way, and easily transportable. WE decided for a Weber and purchase it at our friendly home builders store Castorama in Vannes.

We used once to try it and it took some time to get it lit but we manage ok. This time ,it was easier and quicker. We enjoy it in our open terrace in front of our house. We have a large veranda but covered, so the enjoyment of barbecue when weather permitting we od outdoors.

My sons took to the task and we all chip in as well as our dog Rex. He is always hungry anyway, our Borador (border collier/labrador), and already almost 10 months old.


We got ourselves some nice German beers at our friendly V&B of Auray to go along with the food. The tex-mex skewes were from E Leclerc already prepare and we add it some herbs and pepper sausages with hamburger buns.

For desserts, we had ice cream and peach halves in light syrup. We topped it off with Nescafe Dolce Vita coffees with mine been the usual milk coffee cup. Some of my boys had tea.

And the day went really fast and we all had fun at home. Me watching the horse racing from Paris Longchamp (Bois de Boulogne) and they watching well, MasterChef  season 9 reruns from the USA led by Gordon Ramsay.

Now I am as usual in my blog and they are with their video games. Sunday is almost done, and the week too . As said, my vacation is coming to an end as going back to work next Thursday. Yikes!!! is never enough ,not really ,anywhere. Oh well.

The temps has been mild around 21C or 74F and sunny no other to report; we are in Bretagne/Brittany, and the only thing is the occassional rain , otherwise is heavens.

Anyway, take this opportunity to thank all my readers and followers to help me in my pass time in my blog. Wishing you all a happy week, full of health and best wishes. And of course, remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

ps. Je fais mon blog en anglais comme avec quatre langues, c’est celui que je pense gérer mieux. Si je devais faire un post dans les quatre langues sera trop long! Mes langues, français, anglais, espagnol et portugais. Merci.

5 Comments to “My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXVIII”

  1. Barbecues are very popular amongst motorhomers and caravanners and we also made a lot of use from ours this spring and summer: it’s just so easy! Funny enough, we only packed away ours yesterday! I hope you’Lloyd be able to use yours in the autumn and winter too.
    I thought you were retiring this year too. Have you changed your mind?

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