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September 1, 2018

My travels in the Morbihan, LXVIIII

So here I am , we are, all are ok! Another sunny day in my beloved Morbihan Breton, temps of 21C or about 72F ,and we are starting September. Also, my vacation is ending next Sept 5 so back to work the 6th yikes!!! 3 weeks has gone fast and so hard to think of returning ,but we must indeed;;; to continue traveling lol!

The month is a sad one for me as will be the first time, sorry if bothered you with my personal tidbits , but its all out from the heart. This month is my birthday, (naaah no way no number given) still young at least at heart which is where it counts, in my opinion. However, will be my first birthday in 29 years that my dear late wife Martine will not be with me … physically; and to add to the misery, her birthday is on the 26! We were days apart same year and so much in common. She is missed and remembered every day. Thanks for putting up with my trivias.

Therefore, life continues they tell me (not the same just move on) , and we have to do the errands of our daily life in France, now with my 3 young men and still Dad in tow. We went out early to attend our first Forum des Associations in our town, we already have 5 years living in the house and town, which is my average per domicile in my lifetime!!! So ,the town and job is catchy. The place of the gathering was the Le Borgne community center, which is also the place I do my voting duties for elections. This is it in my town: Salle Marie Josephe le Borgne


This many towns, have it, call the Forum des Associations or the association:clubs get together to introduce the locals into all kinds of activities. My twins boys got into the football/soccer club, they will be in C level or rookies as this is a competitve environment they are not used to. They have done basketball and archery before but doing football as now we all like it and struck together around it. First practice is next Wednesday at 19h15

As for me well I join the Patrimoine club or heritage club ,the one dealing with history architecture of all our things to see and more; very neat group, we will go into libraries to search the history of our area and visit many of them. The first tour on the 16 will be in the library recherching a murder that took place here in 1765!  It should be fun over Fall and Winter !


Then we stop in the post office for our weight mailings needs and continue to Auray a nearby town to stop at the new branch of Bureau Vallée now closer to us as we used to go to Vannes for our office supplies . Auray is only 14 km (less than 9 mi) from me while Vannes is 27 km (less than 17 mi and where I work).

The post office here: Post Office Pluvigner

Bureau Vallée Auray: Office supplies Bureau Vallee at Auray

And the beat goes on.  We came to Vannes of course, to purchase some paint and accessories as we are painting our basement walls in order to eventually do rooms, we have a big basement with space for 3 cars which we do not use, cellar, and laundry room below.  This is in our favorite Castorama building supplies store. webpage here: Castorama of Vannes

As the lunch time was reach, and we are always hungry, we ,also, needed to do our groceries and decided to do so in one two punch at the E Leclerc shopping center anchored by the hypermarket E Leclerc in Vannes just across from the Castorama store. Here there is  a nice Flunch family restaurant (in fact the name is a concoction of Family Lunch=Flunch). It is  a typical modest prices family restaurant chain here and good for the price quality ratio. Even in my ultra top management position (head of dept 1,7B€ company responsable for 28 countries) , I love the simplicity of these places and to mingle with the human beings.  Webpage location here: Flunch of Vannes

And of course, we did our groceries for the non essential items (as the good food of France is elsewhere in mom and pops historical places). This is the E Leclerc hypermarket with webpage location here: E Leclerc of Vannes

And from there we came home, to do more measuring in the basement for our project ,and requesting quotes from a couple of places to change our garage door and driveway door to the street. Will see….

Saturday is almost gone, and we are back at home, doing our usual TV ,blog, social media, and some refreshing rosé wine from the Loire. Life continues indeed , it is so short . I have an anecdote do not recall if mentioned here. A older gentlemen is harrassed by his family to do a medical exam for prevention; he refuses always. Until one day, the family finally convince him to see the doctor and do the complete medical exam. There talking with the doctor, was asked what was the last time he had a medical exam, and the gentlemen responded never! Doctor surprise asked him his age, and he responded 60 years old; the doctor was surprise, upset, started sermoning about the advances of medicine and that in the 60’s folks lived to 60 while now they can go to 84 etc etc etc. The gentlemen sat there quietly while the doctor went on his tirade of the advances of medicine. Finally, the gentlemen asked the doctor, if this science of medicine he was talking about can tell him how long he will be dead!!!  Well , the moral of the story is we live too short, its a steal to live to 84 when we will be dead 84 and as many zeros you like to add on. So ,therefore, life is beautiful, live it to the fullest ,and always remember the good times you had around your love ones. That is all folks!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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