Honfleur: Lieutenance et Mont Joli!

SO here I am again at you on my special Honfleur. Well if you read my blog, you know it is very special. I promise this will be the last entry for a while on the city ::) As you know , Honfleur is the department 14 of Calvados in the region of Normandy on the coast. The river Seine that flows divides into a bay with Le Havre on the other side and two wonderful bridges Normandie and Tancarville. Enough said , I love it here and wish could visited more ,even if do come often ::)

I get to tell you a bit about two small places, one is very popular in the middle of it all, and the other perhaps more spectacular you need to climb a hilly street and another village part of Honfleur to then see down and amazing sights! I will be telling you about the Lieutenance and Mont Joli.

Always with some history I like to start the post!

Keeper of the old basin, the lieutenancy (or Steward or Lieutenance in French) is the last bastion of the medieval Honfleur, the last vestige of the ramparts, dismantled at the end of the 17C by order of Colbert. The Lieutenancy is one of the flagship buildings of Honfleur. Last vestige of the fortifications of Honfleur, the building was the housing of the King’s lieutenant. The King’s lieutenant was the ruler’s representative in a region. The king’s lieutenants were subordinate to the governors and Lieutenant-generals, representing the king in a province. The number of King’s lieutenants per province could vary according to the size of the province.

Two buildings are to be distinguished in the lieutenancy: the bedrock, made of stone, built around a corridor, is what remains of the enclosure. Above, the brick and stone buildings, built in the 17C, sheltered the apartments of the king’s Lieutenant (hence the name lieutenancy). The very first ramparts of the town of Honfleur were erected in the 13C, around the so-called enclosure. Around 1350, Charles V built a veritable fortress surrounding a harbor-like stranding harbor, as well as the city. Beyond extend the suburbs. The enclosure consisted of powerful walls. Two gates opened on the outside: the Porte de Rouen to the south-east of the city and the Porte de Caen to the north-west, in other words the lieutenancy. The most westerly part of the gates has been rebuilt, the present façade dating from the 16C. It is surmounted by a niche, which contains a statue of the Virgin, Notre Dame du Port (Our Lady of the Port), and flanked by two graceful turrets in corbelled, decorated with the weapons of the city.

Honfleur Honfleur Honfleur


A plaque in memory of Samuel de Champlain, a navigator who explored Canada and founded the city of Québec from Honfleur in 1608, is affixed to the south facade of the building.

Guided tours, two or three times a year (a request to the tourist office) provided by city approved guides, will show in particular two recent discoveries on the construction site: The old Round Road and a échiffre(en?), a vestige of an old military device. Wonderful to look at every time coming into town and walking around it is sublime very nice area by the Vieux Bassin or old basin.

A webpage to help you plan your trip here is http://www.ville-honfleur.com/decouvrir-honfleur/honfleur-terre-de-patrimoines/la-lieutenance/

Mont joli is a beautiful hill, yes right up by the Chapelle de Notre Dame de Grâce (see previous post) and with indeed beautiful views below. It’s a stop to gaze and wonder and dream on in Honfleur.

Located on the heights of Honfleur and a few steps from the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, in Equemauville, Mont Joli is a magnificent viewpoint which deserves a small detour. It offers a breathtaking view of the entire city, below, with its typical Norman-architecture houses, as well as the remarkable Tancarville Bridge, built in the mid-1950’s. The Normandy Bridge and the mouth of the Seine river. From the hill, a nice little road goes down to Honfleur and you can thus return to the city on foot via a pleasant walk. Well it is steep hilly not my cup of tea so I have not done this but is available!


Honfleur Honfleur

One webpage to help you plan your trip here a bit more is http://www.honfleur-tourism.co.uk/discover/surrounded-by-nature/cote-de-grace/

In all you got the high and the lows of Honfleur, you can see the water’s edge and the medieval looking inner harbor and the sights from above with far away views that at night are just well awesome.

Hope you enjoy the trip to Honfleur, and make you come here and tell me more about my special town in Calvados, Normandy. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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