Another jewel of the Loire, Château de Goulaine!

And so I do not forget things, always forgetful on these things, need to write down views to remember: we went on our little overnight road warrior trip in the Loire Nantaise. My son grab a brochure from the last place we were, Vignobles Marchais (see previous post), and saw a castle knowing that I loveeee Castles!!! So it was close by and we headed for it.

This is the wonderful Chateau de Goulaine. Of course, heard about it, and even passed by it several times but as I have said before, so much to see and it seems time and money is never enough. My belle France is amazing and each day it grows on you.

chateau de goulaine

The Château de Goulaine is located in the town of Haute-Goulaine in the immediate vicinity of the marshes of Goulaine, in the department 44 Loire-Atlantique and in the region of Pays de la Loire. Built on the marches of Brittany, this castle once separated the Duchy of Brittany from the Kingdom of France. It is also the last of the castles of the Loire, going from east to west. Built of Tufa Stone. It dates from the end of the Middle Ages, early Renaissance. It still has vestiges of its ancient fortified past.

chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine

A bit of history I like

The castle has been the home of the Goulaine family for more than a thousand years. Today, thirty generations have already succeeded in the castle that are open to the public’s visit. In the 12C, when the Duchy of Brittany became independent, the first Goulaine, Jean de Goulaine, then captain of the city of Nantes, fortified the property, which is still nowadays surrounded by marshes to protect itself from the attacks of the Normans. The Goulaine were a family of ancient nobility, already quoted in the 7th Crusade of 1248. In the 12C, king Louis VII of France and King Henry II of England (Plantagenêt) gave both their arms (the lily flower and leopard) to the Goulaine family.   During the Wars of Religion, the Goulaine’s fought in the ranks of the Catholic League. Gabriel de Goulaine ,joined king Henri IV, and later obtained in 1621 from king Louis XIII the erection in Marquisate of his Lordship of Goulaine.

The family of Goulaine remains owner of the estate without interruption until 1788, when it is sold to a shipowner and wife of Dutch origin. This sale helps to prevent the destruction of the castle during the French revolution. In 1858, the estate was bought by a member of the family of Goulaine, who kept it because of his family redemption in 1960 by the Marquis Robert de Goulaine thanks to the fortune of his mother, born of Argenson.

And even wine history too ,but of course , we are in the Loire!

Although it is not clear when the vineyard of the property started the commercial production of wine, rather than a wine simply dedicated to family consumption, the vintage during which the property of the Château de Goulaine began to produce wine is In fact the oldest wine-growing firm still in activiity; this is probably the third oldest commercial company in the world, and this family business is considered to be the oldest in Europe. The Castle estate is one of the last castles of the Loire to still to produce wine.

Inside you see wonderful rooms richly decorated and well preserved from the Red room or Salon Rouge  17C, to the big room or Grand Salon 16C, the kitchen 15C,  curiosity room or cabinet des curiosités, The bedroom or chamber of king Louis XIV style, French gardens  the tour des Archives, and cour du Grand logis inner courtyard, are all magnificent.

chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine

Some amenities of modern nature indeed very nice.  It has a nice tearoom, shop and sale of wines from the collection “Marquis de Goulaine”. As well as biscuits and accessories of LU . Located at the entrance, the boutique and the tearoom are available free of charge on the castle’s opening hours. Free Parking without street crossing at 100 meters from the entrance of the castle. Of Course, the sites above in in French provides more information. Admission is 9€. There is a back section by the gardens where they rent rooms for part of the year for about 110€ per night including breakfast inquire at the castle webpage.

chateau de goulaine

Some webpages to help you plan your trip to the castle part are

Rental rooms chambre d’hôtes :

Official Castle of Goulaine webpage:

Castle Hours and admission info in English :

The Castle site in English on history:

Wine tasting and tour from the vignobles of Nantes association:

The Nantes tourist office in English:

But wait a minute, this is not all. Is that is enough, you have a wonderful beautiful castle and great wines and even rental rooms; however, they have more , a museum of LU ,the famous French biscuit company!

From 1846 created by Jean-Romain Lefévre and Pauline-Isabelle Utile: so the LU in the last names.   Actually started the cookies in 1848. After WWII the son made a turn to the USA and was inspired by the taste and manufactured of cookies there something he used to continue excellence on the LU. Actress Sarah Bernhardt said “I find nothing better than a little LU… oh if two little LU.”

chateau de goulaine

chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine

Since 1999, the Château de Goulaine welcomes in its former stables, the artistic and advertising collection of the famous brand of biscuits Nantes LU. In these 500 m2, more than 600 objects of furniture of the old shop of Rue Boileau in Nantes, is presented with rare objects, such as advertisements or the original painting of the little schoolboy dating from 1897. You can also discover the very interesting history of the creation of this entity of Nantes The museum is house in the former 18C stables of the Castle of Goulaine.

chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine chateau de goulaine

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and enhance your experience are

The museum of LU in English here:

The official story of LU official webpage here:

So there you have , another jewel in the Loire or France ,and only a couple hours from me. So much to choose, where do I continue!!! Enjoy it as much as we do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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