My travels in the Morbihan, LXVII

Ok so as routine, I did my errands today, the big work day with the family which is now my 3 boys. My Dad stays home as not able to walk much, and my dear late wife Martine sadly is no longer with us on earth, even if always in our minds: 29 years do not and will not go away that easy.

Anyway, back to our continuation of life and family life. We set out a bit late today, the weather was nice at 19C  and now it is 72F or about 20C with periods of clouds and sunshine. It was a heavy busy day as it was rate it Orange color (scale goes from the lowest  green, yellow, orange, red, and black, the highest) from the beaches here for coming and going visitors , locals and the British ,Germans etc that do come here. The Americans seems to only know Paris ::)

First, we finally try the Domino’s Pizza in Auray, it took over from our favorite in the area Pizza Sprint, and now the US Chain Domino’s is taken all over.  We did this Friday night pizza party day with German beers from V&B! It was cheaper then we thought at around 9€ and we got a special four medium pizzas for 26€! I still like the Sprint or Scampi local tastes better but the Dominos is cheaper. It is at rue Aristide Briand in Auray with a convenient bus stop of Auraybus and TIM line 5 in front. More here: Domino’s Pizza at Auray

I took the back roads as usual to avoid the traffic and we did all our errands. Starting with going to get our regular weekly stash of beers at V&B in Auray  (V=vins=wines, B=biéres=beers) for a few bottles…home. From there, we needed to circumvent the traditional French mid day break, they call it in Spain the Siesta , they think is only Spanish but the French practice it a lot! Most here close between noon and 14h (2pm).  Given before but the newbies to my blog here is the webpage: V&B at Auray

We continue our tour of our area and our to do list, with a stop at our favorite fashion store for men’s, Armand Thiery in Vannes. We are regular customers and buy most of our clothing here, recommended. My boys load up on some good ones as Summer sales was going on. They do have a line for women call Toscane (Tuscany) very chic Italian/French cuts at reasonable prices. The store in Vannes is right around a park of several more stores ! at rue Théophaste Renaudot webpage: Armand Thiery at Vannes

Right around the corner there was a huge Summer sale on the sporting goods store Intersport so we took a peek to see if anything was worth buying, nothing I am afraid; but we really prefered Décathlon ::)  Anyway this one is the second best, promise. More here: Intersport at Vannes

Finally, it was time to eat, and lunch in this area, we had already welcome Steak N Shake US chain to our Vannes, so trying once is not enough, we went again with a different set of menus and drinks. The bacon burger was better, however , the mango milkshake was no where to be found the mango, and the Pepsi drink was nice icy cold. However, at 15.40€ per person still has a way to go to beat our BK lol!!! Besides BK are from Florida ::) . Another thing, the lines are long, if they want to compete they will need to shorten the serving time… We do like it thus and probably will come again with another menu twist. The store at Vannes still not listed in their webpage !!! here: Steak N Shake at Vannes

Now, almost next door we went to EasyCash, as my sons continue to sell their inventory of old stuff, the pawn shops would love them and so does already EasyCash. They have sold over 300 euros already, which is ok as they got some old games, dvd, books collecting dust at home and never touch again, we are not collectors so get some cash and buy some more lol!! The store is in the same area of the restaurant. More here: EasyCash at Vannes

Wait! we are not done yet, we plan ahead for this buying tour so we go quick in and out sting and you lose…. My Dad wantes some groceries he likes olives without seeds and bananas not to ripe ,and we were just across going out of one of our favorite hypermarkets Carrefour of Vannes so we purchase his stuff there. More on this Carrefour here: Carrefour at Vannes

While at the Carrefour hypermarket anchoring a small shopping center, we, well the boys, stopped at Micromania to get the latest of their machines, the PS4 Pro, 4K! whatever that is lol!!!  They are the biggest customers there and all the staff knows us, even the store manager had lunch in our house! More on the store loc here: Micromania at Vannes

And finally, on our way home, crossing the expressway N165 on the road D779 we stop for our groceries in our top favorite hypermarket. The E Leclerc of Vannes  , huge all in one place ,easy parking even covered parking,cinema and plenty of stores and restaurants around it. Picking up some Breton cake or Gateau Breton with Prunes , yummy!! I was tired a bit but heck we did a lot in one day! More on this one given before but for the newbies in my blog , here it is: E Leclerc of VAnnes

And we arrive home just in time for our boys to installed their new equipment, and the news with some chow and plenty of white wine from the Loire! Now let it come Sunday! And my days are counting , out on Vacation August 14th (The 15th is a holiday as well off work), and not back to the office until Sept 6th!!! Vive la France!!! My belle France, and beautiful Morbihan breton! Of course, we will be wandering throughtout the gorgeous Loire!!! and a bit of necessary to Honfleur,Normandy. Stay tune!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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