Church Santiago del Arrabal, Toledo!

I like to bring you back to a Church. This one was found by chance. We were walking, and walking all over this wonderful city of Toledo. I wanted to show my family the ramparts and gates of Toledo and going to one we stumbled upon this Church; it has been a long time by here so practically it was to know it as well as my family.

The Church of Santiago del Arrabal , Santiago el Mayor or St James of the suburbs as the old word Arrabal means. Because it was located on the outside of the old inner city of Toledo.

Let me tell you a bit more on it as I have mentioned it in my other general posts on Toledo before.

The Church of Santiago El Mayor or Santiago del Arrabal is a Catholic Church in Toledo, next to the Puerta Nueva de Bisagra or gate , in the northern part of the historic city center. Built in the second half of the 13C ( 1245–48) under the patronage of Sancho II, King of Portugal is one of the best examples of Mudejar Toledo architecture.


Its location, close to the Puerta Vieja de Bisagra and in an old Muslim quarter, suggests that the Church must have been built in the place of an original temple, perhaps a mosque of its location also comes from the name, finding itself in the past to then outskirts of the old city, in the suburbs .


It has masonry and brick walls with doors framed in polylobular horseshoe arches. It has three semicircular apses whose exteriors are arched floors of different types (half-point, pointed and polylobular). Inside there are Arabic symbols like the ‘ Hand of Fatima ‘ or inscriptions on the wooden roof. The arches of the nerf are Gothic, like the vault of the transept. The altarpiece is Renaissance with Plateresque decoration, with images of the lives of Christ and the Apostle James the Elder (Santiago el Mayor). The bell tower is the oldest in the region dating from the 12C , square floor and double arc windows in horseshoe covered with  a moulding which encloses the outward side of an arch.


Saint Vincent Ferrer preached in this temple, leading his faithful to forcibly Christianize the synagogue in 1405, later turned into a Church with the name of Santa Maria la Blanca. He later came to preach in Vannes and my new area and he is buried in the Cathedral of St Peter in Vannes.


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Parish site in Spanish:

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Province of Toledo;

Hope it helps enjoy this less seem gem of Toledo , worth a detour indeed as Toledo is for all is treasure, the icon of all of Spain.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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4 Comments to “Church Santiago del Arrabal, Toledo!”

  1. I love Mudéjar art: probably the best thing to come out of the Muslim occupation of Spain. The Hand of Fátima also features above one of the gates in the Alhambra and I even have a pendant of it, as it is a beautiful object (I don’t wear it for religion reasons, but because of many name) I would like to visit Toledo one day and the La Mancha region in general. This bucket list gets longer and longer… 😂 Thanks for sharing! 👍

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