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August 9, 2018

The wine in Summer, wait the harvest!

And we are getting nice weather, cool breezy and sometimes rainy,  a whole difference from most of the rest of France. After a heat wave, now comes the flooding’s especially in the Gard, Drôme, Bouches-de-Rhône areas down south. We are cruising with 21C or about 70F.

And talking about weather, well it wine time as well. The season period is critical and some signs are ok for the big harvest in September, generally. Some of the latest news from France are

With the heat, the vintage 2018 of the French grape harvest is expected to increase compared to 2017, and quality too,  although some terroirs have suffered much from frost, hail in spring, and mildew mold.  In Bordeaux, two problems arise this year: 10,000 hectares of vine have been damaged by hail since late May and mildew molds have developed, following the rains of May and June.  Mildew has affected other French regions. The most exposed are the organic winegrowers.(BIO) It is Impossible for them to use chemical fungicides to get rid of the fungus that rots leaves and twigs.  Apart from the east, in Champagne and in Alsace, where the harvest is planned  “early “, the heat does not seem to have too advanced the date of start of operations, between mid-August and early September, depending on the regions and colors.  In Fitou, in the Aude (south of France), they start even two weeks later than the previous season. In this small village, was the first in France to launch the crops, which are traditionally in advance thanks to a micro-climate. The favorite wine of my dear late wife Martine, late maternal grandmother who always share it with me.  The  Interprofessional Council of Languedoc AOC Wines, the sales of the Aude whites have “doubled in four years”. With wines exported to the Japanese and American market.  In Alsace (east), Crémant will begin its harvest around 20 August.

Two properties known to me that are going the way of lodging rental and wines as many are developing into these arrangements. I will be in the Loire later this month on similar deals.

Eight Centuries of history , the Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey in the Sauternes opens 10 rooms and three suites. The decoration is signed by the Maison Lalique with its crystal and light games. From 250 euros. Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey. Hotel & Restaurant, 33210 Bommes-Sauternes . More here : Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey

After a boutique, inaugurated in the building of the 18C, the trader, Champagne Leclerc Briant opens 5 rooms and a restaurant. From 300 euros per night. At 25 bis, avenue de Champagne, 51200 Épernay. More here: Le 25 Bis Laurent BriantLe 25 Bis Leclerc Briant

And here is one at you, we try for new things always here ,innovation my dear, elementary . A summer drinks: The Crémant d’Alsace Ice Petite Folie, signed Wolfberger, is savored on ice cubes in a pool glass! Try with: 5 thin slices of cucumber to arrange on the walls of the glass, 1 leaf of mint to rub, 12 cl of ice Petite Folie cold and and ice cubes.

In Spring and Summer to spawn and lay, sardines spend the Winter in very cold waters, between 500 and 600 meters deep. And then protects themselves by a thick layer of fat. But of “good” fat, rich in Omega 3 excellent for the heart and his vessels of us! The sardine is mainly intended to be grilled whole on a barbecue , but strong odors particularly unpleasant for the neighborhood. However, there is a way-too poorly understood-to reduce this disadvantage. it is enough to rub first the fish with laurel leaves, then to pour on the embers a few drops of vinegar flavored with thyme and rosemary !! voilà okay

And to wash it down once done, here are two suggestion from one of my fav magazine , Le Revue du vin de France.  A bottle or two to go along with them, well Sardines is one of my favorites fishes and grill on the barbecue is awesome.

White wine, I will take one in Roussillon, in Baixas, at Domaine Brial. Its cuvée Château Les Pins, a Côtes-du-Roussillon, made of white Grenache, Malvasia and Roussanne, is a pure delight. In the nose, notes of grass, thyme, pineapple, chamomile… In the mouth, a good power in alcohol with a final a little minty . More here: Domaine Brial

For a Rosé, I go to Cases-de-Pène, at the Château de Jau (which houses a splendid space of contemporary art, to be visited absolutely). The wines produced here by the Dauré family in the three colors are superb, and I have a weakness for this rosé of Syrah and black Grenache. In the nose, it is an explosion of red and black fruits (strawberry, blackcurrant, and even Violet), in the mouth, there is power, enough roundness to counter the salty side of the sardines and a final of a beautiful length. More here: Chateau de Jau

They are vines that extend to the western limits of the Médoc Vineyard, where the sands of the Landes and the forest eventually prevail. The AOP Listrac-Médoc is with its cousin AOP Moulis-Médoc  the most “continental” of the communal appellations of the Médoc. The area of Listrac and Mouldis is one of the most belated of the vineyard Bordeaux. And this is real wine country, what is commonly refers to as Bordeaux (which is a huge area) the fame comes from the Médoc peninsula.

The soils of the Médoc depend largely on the six old terraces of the Garonne. The floors from Terrace 4 (Terrace 1 being the oldest) are common to all the appellations of the Médoc except those of Moulis and Listrac. In Listrac, it is essentially the deposits of terrace 1 that are found and, to a lesser extent , those of terrace 3. The vineyard rests on a clay-limestone plateau and on the rumps of Graves  and the sandy-gravelly grounds that cover it, coming from these famous terraces of the Garonne. The vineyard soils are generally more clayey than in the other Médoc communal appellations. Hence a higher proportion of merlot (63%).

More on the wines of Listrac: Wines of Listrac Médoc

And more of the wines of Moulis: Wines of Moulis

And to finish two webpages to help you understand the wines of France. First a site on how to present the French wines in the world or Vins de France: Wines of France

And another, from which I got my first Wine knowledge diploma on French wines course many many years ago; they are the main venue for exports of France in what we do better than anyone, Food and Wines. This is Sopexa: Sopexa: Food and Wines from France

Enjoy, we are reaching weekend soon. Enjoy  yours. And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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