Téléferico de Madrid, cable car!

Moving right alone in this tour of Madrid, and on a cooler days here even if heat is on its way again, and of course Madrid is always hotter in Summer ! Let me tell you about a ride I enjoyed since childhood and probably one of the first persons to tried it.

My mother was always looking for inexpensive ways to entertained me and as we lived in Madrid for several years , just after the cable car opened, we certaintly was there right away. The ride is short the thrill of a boy huge, and the experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

I came back several times like a child, first to show my girlfriend, later dear late wife , Martine, and then the boys all tried it. Even repeat , we needed to take this simple ride from paseo del Pintor  Rosales to the Casa del Campo. I am talking about the Téléferico de Madrid or cable car.


And my boys Aug 2016

Again, I have mentioned in my previous posts on Madrid but never a post alone and I think for my memories and all those families coming ,thinking of coming or repeat a show of it alone is worth it me think. So here it is, the Teleferico de Madrid!

The Teleférico of Rosales aka of Madrid starts from the Paseo del Pintor Rosales to arrive at the Plaza de los Pasos Perdidos of Casa del Campo   (Cerro Garabitas). In this terminal there is a restaurant-cafeteria and a car park and in the Paseo de Rosales another car park, with 350 places, and a restaurant, EL Balcon de Rosales, operated by the same company that owns the cable car.


The company Teleférico de Rosales, S.A. was created in 1967. After the city of Madrid had granted it a lease for 35 years on a parcel of land of 1500 meters in the park of Casa del Campo for its installations.   The cable car was built in one year by the Swiss company Von Roll. The Cable was   inaugurated in 1969. Since March 2012, it has a digital planetarium which, on the first Sunday of each month, offers simulations encompassing the sky from day to night.


The cable car is a bicable system. It has 80 cabins, each of which has a capacity of five persons, and runs a distance of 2 457 meters, at a maximum height of 40 meters. The engine station is 627 meters above sea level as from Alicante and the twin train station at 651 meters. It has a capacity of 1 200 passengers/hour and its speed is 3.5 meters per second. The journey lasts 11 minutes in direct sunlight, above a desert park, with the sole view of the back of the Royal Palace and the Cathedral of the Almudéna.


You , also, can see on clear days , just begun the journey, the parque de la Rosaleda and parque del Oeste, which in spring will find very florid and colored. As we move away from the point of embarkation, the view towards Madrid improves. Soon we will be struck by the photograph that can be made of the Royal Palace and the Cathedral of the Almudena. If you look a bitn we will also see the triangular roof of the Royal Theater protruding from the left side of the palace. Nearby are also the tower of Madrid and the Edificio (building) España (Spain), which emerge from the Plaza de España. When the thickness of the trees allows it, one can also distinguish the temple of Debod.



Looking down we will find the train station of Príncipe Pio, the hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida and the Manzanares River. When we cross the M-30, a few meters from the entrance of the cars to the tunnel, we begin to fly over the Casa del Campo. Its silhouette shows the platform of the Moncloa lighthouse (Faro), the Picasso tower and the inclined gate towers of Europe(Puerta de Europa). A little more to the left we see the complex of the four towers(Cuatro Torres), the highest skyscrapers in Madrid.


Upon arriving at destination ,looking to the front, we have the Casa del Campo. To the right, the large expanse of the park, with its immense grove mainly of holm oaks and pine trees accompanied by countless shrubs. And in the background, the relief of the Sierra de Madrid. On the left side the lake is hidden among the trees, but sometimes it can be located because a large stream of water tends to emerge from its central point. A little further ahead we will see the amusement park (Parque de Atracciones), easy to distinguish by the structure of the roller coaster.


You get there on metro Argûelles lines 3, 4, and 6, as well as bus lines 21 and 74 or walking from Centro Madrid.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

official transport of Madrid EMT on the cable car : https://www.telefericomadrid.es/index.html

The tourist office of Madrid: Teleferico de Madrid by the tourist office of Madrid

And the story is told , in prime time. Hope you and your family enjoy this wonderful ride in Madrid.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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