My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXVII

As I was saying in my previous blog post today, we had an interesting day in the heat. Well really 33C is what ..91F peace of cake right! lol! There is no AC here so we go out into the forest or parks with a shade.

Of course otherwise, stay inside shopping centers or the car lol! Very funny thing here, electricity is expensive and the excuse is, not enough period of heat to have AC as mostly  all is in Fall and Winter lol! yeah that is one thing I do not agree with my French compatriots.

We , otherwise, went out with our dog Rex into the park!!! We have nice parks where I live and one big one not far from the house ,where we can easily walk with the dog. This is the sports complex of Goh Lanno.


Some of the installations and activities there are  2 hand-ball rooms, basketball, volleyball, tennis, roller coaster etc. They also include 1 dojo (judo, Karate…), 1 dance hall (classic Breton…) as well as a gym. . Outside, the associations as well as the Middle school Goh Lanno uses 5 football fields (2 clubs), 1 rugby field, 1 athletics stadium and 2 tennis courts as well as a Cycling Club which uses the evolution plateau of the Goh Lanno complex for its bicycle school with children.  Gymnasium in synthetic (excluding turf) with lighting, 2 changing rooms with showers and a tribune of 100 seats. This complex sports facility of Goh Lanno has 2 identical equipments of this type.


Some of the sports practice within the park either with the school , association or in amateur leagues are: Karate/Karate Jutsu/Goshin jutsu/Kobudo/Nihon Tai-jutsu/Taijitsu/Nambudo/Ninjutsu/Nunchaku/… Tennis ,Badminton, flying kites game ,Indoor hockey/field hockey, basketball ,volleyball/Beach volleyball (Beach volleyball)/ Lawn-Volleyball,  Handball/Mini Hand/Handball Beach , track Races and other dances.

The city of Pluvigner has some info in French here: City of Pluvigner on Goh Lanno

And the sports site with more information still in French is here: Sports France on Goh Lanno

There is an interesting football/soccer team in town n the Keriolets , which we follow as much as we can, it plays in Regional Division 2,   the webpage is here in French: Keriolets of Plluvigner

It is a vast complex with plenty of trees to shade and great for walking , picnic and social gathering. We love to come with Rex here, as other passerbyers are nice folks. It is a lung heaven for all in Pluvigner and of course visitors which we have, even from abroad and recently an English couple retired here.

So will post some pictures now, hope you enjoy this side of regular living in my belle France, and beautiful Morbihan in Brittany, the land of dreams and fairy tail.  OF course, even at night , the heat goes on now it is 26C ::) not bad at all. Tomorrow they say will go to 30C here and of course Paris a bit hotter lol! 31C now!!!

Enjoy the local views and maybe make you a better visitor ::) and Remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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6 Comments to “My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXVII”

  1. Nice skies. Hot here also in East of England. Maybe above 30 later today

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  2. We experienced 39C in the shade a couple of days ago in Île d’Oléron, but luckily we have AC in van and the beach nearby. Stay cool! Nice photos too!

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