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August 4, 2018

My travels in the Morbihan, LXVI

So after a very hot day of errands, I am back home to tell you more natural real stories of living in my belle France. We are in the middle of what is normally call a canicule or hot season with already 67 departments put in orange alert (second highest) on the heat. Unfortunately, Brittany is spared from the upper readings of as much as 37C where we have only reach 33C lol! The sun is hotter even if one is used to the heat, without AC is not fun.

Therefore, it is Saturday and the big day for errands. We have to wait now as we need to take of our dear dog Borador call Rex ,he is now 8,5 months old and about 24 kg or 50 pounds thereabouts. Big boy and very nice my sons take him out in the morning and evenings every day as well we have a big patio of 1000 square meters (think is about 10K sq feet).

After we are done with Rex, we set out into the heat wave of the Morbihan. We went straight for Maxi Zoo store in Séné of course, we get our dog stuff there, and we got him a brand new ball and a car seat harness to ride with us yes! He already has but a bit scare and moves too much, hopefully with the harness will be better, so the experts tell us.

From there we went to have lunch at a new restaurant in my area, the USA chain Steak ‘N Shake (from the original Route 66 chain) has opened a resto in Vannes! old favorite is now very close to home! Of course, we try it at noon exactly. The line was short but after us came the world!!! They had designed a building with a street level parking going openly underground and the restaurant is in the upper level with an outside terrace! Very nice layout and the service was fast and friendly.  We had our Western burger bacon, with fries and I had an Affligem Belgian beer as well as a strawberry milkshake all came to about less than 19€ per person; so a bit expensive for a really fast food chain. Let’s see if it holds.  The restaurant is so new is not even yet on their webpage for France lol! Here is the webpage: Steak ‘N Shake

As still the next store was closed , we took some time at the FNAC dept electronic store in Vannes browsing of some travel books, and mangas books. This is a store my boys comes often. It is located in an area of many stores call Parc Lann in Vannes.

The time was right for the next store (previously spoken in my blog) to be open after their lunch break, and  my boys went in to sale more of their old mangas, dvd, video games, computers etc to the pawn shop chain now in Vannes call EasyCash. They had so much junk not even can describe it, now they can get some cash for it so they are already well known in the store. The manager ask them to bring more stuff from Pokemon lol! they will lol! Webpage here: EasyCash

We continue our schedule stops by going to pickup some beers for home at our favorite V&B store (previously spoken in my blog) in Auray. Already this area the beach front to the beaches of Morbihan full of tourists local and foreigners. From abroad by far the biggest numbers are the English. We are well known in the store lol! purchase fast and go across the street literally.

We did our groceries as usual lately in E Leclerc hypermarket (previously spoken in my blog). We usually go the one in Vannes even if farther because it is closer to other stores we go to, but secondly we come to the one in Auray as this time. The shopping was hectic as many tourists and folks trying to pump gas without understanding French  is a laught ,sorry ::) We got our groceries and went home.

I will put my adventures in Pluvigner our town in another post following this one, quickly.

The heat is still with us but we are not done from been outside, especially having an active dog lol!

Do remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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