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July 20, 2018

My travels in the Morbihan, LXIIII

So here I am earlier than ever or most as I had the day off from work. It was special because it was my Father’s 83rd birthday and he lives with us. The day was sunny but not too hot around 24C or 75F.

We had as usual many errands to do usually done on Saturdays lately, but as we had the day off we did them today,and tomorrow is work around the house, painting and fixing for the Summer break ahead. My vacation is in mid August onwards.

In my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of Brittany we set out to do the routines of an every day family in France without the glitzy ribbons of the famous and fake news tribal groups.

We started our day going to by now famous liquor store, V&B in Auray to load up on German beers (my favorite is the Krombacher pilsner) here at 2,10€ with deposit refund for the bottle,  and Rosé wines from Gascogne of all places but a reputable name for years you won’t go wrong at 5,20€ it can’t be beat. The Rosé de Presse 2017, Domaine du Tariquet.

We then, move on to our bank as we needed to make some moves in our finances to have a soft landing in my retirement so the bank in Auray BNP Paribas is great with excellent service by our able advisor Madame ….

We stop by at Micromania in the Shopping center Carrefour in Vannes for my sons to pick up a cable to connect to their new game machine, another one !!! It looks as I have a TV studio at home.. oh well. My sons in front!


We then move on to Electro Depot to buy a big 127 cm or 50 inches TV for their better reading of the video games, something with the word 4K in it go figure too high tech for me.  Well they got a good price and of course Dad help with the price ::)


We got back home to deliver the TV and beers/wines but needed to come back to celebrate my father’s 83. So here we go again back to our now almost home Vannes to have lunch with Dad at Hippopotamus steakhouse chain, that has been renovated and upgraded for their menus. The service was impeccable, even with no WiFi the manager provided his own code so we had connection! The server was very nice and prompt, and the food all agree was better than we ever had at this chain . Which it has been at least 8 years we did not go to them.


not often on photos my Dad is 83 today!


Anyway, my father was happy to do so and had his couple of beers 1664 French with us so more to celebrate what has been a sad year for us.  We had different things but I had my usual Burger Hippo and fries, crème brulée or sort of custard crème vanilla, and a couple of pints of the 1664 French beer. We share the foie gras platter with cassis jelly and breads. All very well done, surprise return.

We finally ,came to our beloved E Leclerc hypermarket for our groceries, again a day in advance. This is a huge place in a multi shopping center with other stores and restos, very popular and convenient covered parking.  We did our bags and Dad did his as usual he does during the week with his grandson (my oldest son) but as we were in a special weekend we all did it together and it was fun to chase my Dad all over the hypermarket on his rounds lol!!

Then we finally came home at last. A time to organize all we did and put away what was done. ALso, the list oh yes the list we got from their mother, the list to do things. We already wrote down tomorrow is painting the laundry room, and cutting some trees and if time, get to Vannes again to sell our old TV to an Easy Cash outlet.  To be continue…. And of course, we took care of our 8 month old dog Rex, enjoying life very much with us and we with him !!


You all have a great weekend, and fun loving family time. And, remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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