My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXVI

And here we are ending our Sunday in the heat almost 21h or 9pm and it is 28C or about 82F, sunny with a bit of a breeze. We finished another week in wonderful Morbihan.

A bit sad as we are without our dear late wife/mom Martine in our first Summer alone since 1989. We had so much planned and we came to realise one late, the barbecue. We had set up stones in the back to create one from scratch ,the old fashioned way.  Procrastination and a lot of other projects put it in the lower end of the to do list.  We finally decided with the boys to get a simple Weber on charcoal.

We went to the groceries bearing in mind to try it this weekend. After so many errands ,we finally did it this afternoon.

Saturday, well is now our battle ground. We went to Castorama for the Weber barbecue and supplies as well some pebbles for our driveway. I was there with my oldest boy as my twin boys were in a competition on video games in Cinéville, the cinema complex in Vannes, where one of them got second place and many giveaways!

Continuing with my oldest, we passed by V&B beer place in Auray to get our load of beers from Germany. And of course, we continue zig zagging to Nicolas in Vannes for our wines load. Passing by the market (marché de Vannes) to get some real cheese from the cheesemaker stand.

We went to Animalis animal store to get the sign for our house, Beware of Dogs ,just to be in regulation as we do have a big 7 months old borador (mix border collier and labrador) male. Right around we went to Norauto auto store to get me my new car charger for my mobile telephone Samsung.

We had lunch at the McDonalds in Auray for lunch as my oldest crave about these still…. even in lovely France lol! yes.I know.

We finally went to E Leclerc in Vannes to do our groceries and get the goods for the barbecue. wow, that was a lot of moving in one day. We were doing it during the week to leave our weekends free, but now we really have not decided our next adventures, even my vacation at work for 3 summer weeks in August are approved, not yet chosen where we are going. I know we will need some days to finished the work in the basement of our house that was purchase a while back with the Mother. So stay tuned for the vacation.

At home Sunday, we started the new Weber barbecue and as amateurs the darn thing was not starting, the fire died out three times and we were exhausted with the same. Then my dear old father came in and told us the bottom holes had to be open so the air circulate and the fire takes off.Oh well, we did and the fire did caught up ok. The cooking was on!!! Steaks first and then sausages and chorizos and of course the German cold beers.


All for a nice simple French family Sunday; everybody now got the idea of the barbecue passing by our outdoor terrace, we should see some competition by next weekend. A big one here as it will be National Day July 14 (better know outside of France as Bastille day) ,the French revolution.

Until then, and other posts, stay fresh, dry and remember; happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!



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2 Comments to “My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXVI”

  1. The sausages look great. We also had a BBQ last night, but the brochettes we bought at Carrefour were a bit tough. They are usually very good.
    Keep cool! And ‘Allez Les Bleus!

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