Hanging houses or Casas Colgadas of Cuenca!

And here we are again, to tell you something wonderful in my beloved Spain. I have my roots in Tenerife but had traveled extensively there over the years, and no where as  a region is more into the traditional history of Spain than at Castilla La Mancha. My favorite town is the one I always used the mountains of the Serrania as base, the wonderful Cuenca.

Cuenca is a town and a province of same name in the autonomous region of  Castilla La Mancha. I have many memories here with my dear late wife Martine and the boys. We love, and each year thinking of going someplace else for our summer vacation, we end up deciding to come here lately. Until we meet again Cuenca, now sadder as Martine is not physically with us.

My previous blog post on the Casas Colgadas and Cuence in general here: My previous blog post on Cuenca

HuLet me tell you a bit about the Casas Colgadas (Hanging Houses), also known as Casas del Rey, (houses of the king) ; they are a group of civil construction in the ladders of the Huécar river, and are name as such because they had huge balconies over size on the cliff given to the canyon of the Huécar river.

Cuenca Cuenca Cuenca Cuenca Cuenca

The denomination of Colgadas or Hanging was a late title and only came to be known as such by 1920.  The graphic story of these houses begain in 1565, the year that the Flemish painter Anton van den Wyngaerde included them together with the curve along the cliff of San Martin in a wonderful panorama of his work ” Cuenca desde el este” or Cuenca from the East.  The oldest photos of the place are from the last third of the 19C showing a group of houses that remained intact for several centuries even if unfortunately there are only one remaining of the architecture marval of old Cuenca.

From that early period in the 15C along its history they have undergone several renovations and some as recent as 1920 and 1960. They were used as living quarters by individuals, city hall and now a museum Spanish abstract arts by the Foundation Juan March. More on the museum here: Museum of Spanish Abstract Arts Cuenca

In addition to Cuenca, there are still hanging houses in Spain at Albarracin, Cantavieja, Castellfullit de la Roca, Frias, Gerona, Ronda, Zafra de Zàncara, and Tarazona. Some of these houses only the balconies are left and some interiors next to the windows.

In addition to my previous blog posts, some webpages to help you plan your trip to this wonderful city and hanging houses are

Tourist office Castilla y La Mancha ; . http://en.www.turismocastillalamancha.es/patrimonio/casas-colgadas-27664/descripcion/

City hall of Cuenca on the casas ; http://turismo.cuenca.es/portal/lang__es/tabid__9403/default.aspx

A beautiful unofficial site on the Casas and a nice video in Spanish: http://www.estoescuenca.com/no-diga-colgantes-diga-casas-colgadas/

There you have it , another jewel of my beloved Spain. Hope you enjoy it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers!!!

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  1. I found this to be a really interesting place to visit. Thanks for reminding me!

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