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June 9, 2018

A little side step here to Les Mureaux!

As an ongoing desire to show you the other France, not really the tourist trail but the real working France; let me bring you up to date on this small town. It has been renown for years as the Aeronautical/Aviation center of France, sleepy now but we went there for a visit.

I am talking about Les Mureaux, not a bright spot in your map but it has some nice events and pretty sights by the Seine river with cruises stop. We went there for the Seine en Auto show where they put brand new cars from different dealers on the street!

Les Mureaux is in  département 78  Yvelines,in the région of  Île-de-France,and only  39 km west of Paris, and about 30 km from Versailles, on the banks of the Seine river.  The name comes from  murus (defensive wall), and a river port was there from the 1C BC.

It has a a direct train line J to Gare Saint Lazare and back to Mantes-la-Jolie. The autoroute de Normandie A13 passes right by it at exit or sortie 8 ,also , the D154 connects to Verneuil-sur-Seine and  Vernouillet and eventually to Poissy and the D14  connects to  Flins-sur-Seine and Aubergenville.

A bit of history I like

After the death of her husband king Philippe III le Hardi in 1285, Marie de Brabant retired to her deuil in Les Mureaux, where she died in 1321. In the Middle Ages, the town belonged to the Counts of Meulan.Also, during two centuries the Vion family originally from Burgundy had the lordships of Mureaux  and Becheville. In 1902 the aviation starts in Les Mureaux, and continues today with the site of the EADS the European Space and Defense agency where the rockets are assembled for later shipment to Guyanne and launch. In 1924 , Les Mureaux host the sailing competition of the Olympic Games . In  1952  the first flight of Noratlas,military transport airplane built in the factore at Les Mureaux.

A bit info in French on the history and especially the aviation./aeronautical connection of the town in history. Les Mureaux and Aviation

Nowdays, the city is attach to the metro agglomeration of the Grand Paris Seine et Oise.with an extension from  Rolleboise to Conflans-Sainte-Honorine reunating 73 towns,and becoming the most populated urban area in France and the only one with no city center/downtown area. The official page for the metro area or GPSEO is here in French:

As to what to see ,things to do here.

Well , there are tours of the EADS complex but need to go thru them or inquire at  the city hall in Les Mureaux. Other than that there are five nice parks or parcs name here as remarkable gardens designation; these are the park at the Castle of Becheville (17C); the park de l’Oseraie (1874) ; the park Jean Vauzelle (end 19C.), by  rue Carnot,in the old town section; the park  Sautour (1985), and the park de l’Hermitage (1987). The city participate in the contest for the most flowery towns of France or the  Concours des villes et villages fleuris from which has gotten a 3 flowers designation out of a possible 4. Webpage here in French: Villes et Villages Fleuris de France

Other sites are the  Dolmen des Gros Murs,a big funeral room for about 60 bodies completely covered by a tumulus (big stone cover) located in private property by 19 rue des Murets where you can see it from the street. The nice Château de Bécheville 17C that was visited by the writer n Stendhal in 1811 ; the castle renovated in the 19C today houses the Conservatoire or music conservatory of the town.

Les Mureaux

Maison Bouvaist, currently a Paléoscope, a mini castle in brick and stones from 1879, built on the borders of the Seine river and in the parc de l’Oseraie by rue des Gros-Murets. The nice quaint  Club house du Cercle de la voile de Paris (Circle of sailing club of Paris) built in  1893 on the Seine river. The Church St Peter and Saint Paul or Église Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul, done in the neo gothic style and finished in 1896.

Les Mureaux

Some webpages to help you in your visit here, an off the beaten path town of the Yvelines, capital is Versailles.

City of Les Mureaux, transports :

Tourist info on Les Mureaux in French :

Not for the tourist flake oriented, this one is for the adventorous curious of all things French. And believe me with the aero complex and the history of aviation and car plan Renault not far at Flins sur Seine, pleny of English spoken there.

Enjoy it,and remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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