The wines of the Saar and Konz-Eberemmel, Germany!

Ok so here we are, reviewing my many travel trips in Europe. This is really the last of the Saar State of Germany.  It is time to tell you about a little town in the Saar of Germany we rented a house on a winegrowers home. The family love it and we had a lot of fun trying our German, which is zero! Well my dear late wife Martine, knew some words and numbers from school days in France so that was it. Anyway, it was great fun and the people were very friendly laughing with us lol!  We talked to the owner by her daughter who was in Frankfurt.

Konz is a city in the Trier-Saarburg district in the State of Rhineland Palatinate and on the confluence of the Saar and Moselle rivers at about 8 km south of Trier. The main metro area is Konz and several villages are part of it such as Oberemmel , which is where we were staying.

One place to see which we did not is the “Roscheider Hof” estate is used today as an open-air museum. It consists of several buildings, with the core of the site formed by buildings around a rectangular courtyard. The Roscheider Hof was first mentioned in a record dating from 1330 The Roscheider Hof Open Air Museum is the open air museum and Folklore Museum of the Greater Saar Lorraine Luxembourg Region. The museum is situated in Konz, on the Saar and Mosel rivers, 8 km west of Trier and 30 km east of Luxembourg. It is a museum for rural cultural history in northwest  State of Rhineland Palatinate.  The info webpage is here:

OF course, we concentrated to have it as a base and participated in the Festival of bitburg beers and local white wines , dances , traditional music groups etc with a winery on practically every block of the small town of Oberemmel. Wine producers and info on wines in the area see here:


Of course , on my previous blog post you have the house winery (above) we stayed on and more on the little village of Oberemmel.

A couple of webpages to help you plan your trip here, it is worth it.

Tourist office of Konz Oberemmel  in English:

German site with info on the Churches of Oberemmel:

Saarland tourist board in English:

It is a very small town less than 2K folks but very quaint and friendly and central to going out in Germany western parts and Luxembourg. Hope you enjoy it as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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