Jewels of the Saarland of Germany!

Let me give you a final look at the Saarland or the State of the Saar or the river bordering Germany and Luxembourg, of quaint nice small towns with interesting sights. This was our trip by car to Germany and we visited these two amongst others. A lovely ride by car along the river Saar.

Saarburg is a city of the Trier-Saarburg district of the Rhineland-Palatinate State on the banks of the Saar river in the hilly country a few kilometers upstream from the Saar’s junction with the Moselle river.

My previous blog post on Saarburg : Saarburg

The history of the city begins with the construction of the now-ruined castle by Graf Siegfried of Luxembourg in 964. It received its town charter in 1291 . During WWII was occupied until 1948 by troops of Luxembourg and from there until 1955 by French troops. From 1968 to 2010 there was a French battalion stationed here.

Saarburg Saarburg

Some webpages to help you plan your trip

tourist office of Saarburg :

city of Saarburg tourism in German,

Mettlach  is also in the Saar. it was a village with an abbey in the duchy of Lorraine attached to the diocese of Trier . This abbey was founded in the 7C .

My previous blog post on Mettlach: Mettlach

Mettlach has two rail stations on the Saarstrecke that runs betweenSaarbrucken and Trier , but the lovely ride is from the road B51 to Konz and Merzig, just lovely indeed.

There are things to see here like the famous and lovely factory and store of Villeroy & Boch Discovery Center. Right in the old abbey building and a wonderful way to discover the universe of this house of home deco, accessories, ceramics really very famous here too. More in English:


We love the shopping here (Martine love it) on famous names at least in Europe and at lower prices, this is the shopping center outlet mall of Mettlach:

Saarschleife or the bend on the Saar river with a classic view from the  Cloef ; unless you go there and inquire at the tourist office for outdoor activities very difficult to find something in English on the web so here it is in German:

St. Lutwins Church built in 1847 which replaced the old church from the 8C, again more on it and the Chapel where he is at on this German webpage:


Old Tower (burial site of St. Lutwins); on the above Church and this tower, more info found in English at the Villeroy & Boch site here:


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here

City of Mettlach Tourist info in German :

Tourist info on Mettlach in German,

In all ,it was a pleasant drive by here, and the best way to travel. Hope you enjoy the tips and photos.

And remember , as always, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Very pretty. It might make a nice stop next time we cross into Germany. 👍

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