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June 2, 2018

The Basilica museum and more of Echternach, Luxembourg!

Here we are on another weekend , the end of May beginning of June. Time passes fast, already one month of the passing of my dear wife, Martine. And here, I am recounting all the wonderful spots we have visited in the past.

We had decided to go further into Luxembourg rather than just visit the Capital city,and this is one of the town we decided to see coming from our base south of Trier, Germany. It was a pleasant surprise and easy parking at the entrance of town.  We follow road 419 along the Moselle river crossing at Grevenmacher and going up along the other side of the river on the road 1/10 to Wasserbillig and then on the curve of the Sure river to the parking at Rue du Pont in Echternach. Oh yes we came to visit the city of Echternach! in Luxembourg!

Echternach is in the valley of the Sure on the frontier with the State of Rhineland Palatine of Germany, and known as the oldest town in Luxembourg. It is part of the region of Luxembourg known as the Little Swiss Luxembourgeois and part of the district of Grevenmacher in eastern Luxembourg. .

The town grew up around the walls of the Abbey of Echternach which was founded in 698 by Saint Willibrord an English monk from  Ripon in Northumbria i(in present-day  North Yorkshire England), who became the first bishop of Utrecht and worked to Christianize the Frisians.. As bishop, he was the Echternach  Monastery abbot  until his death in 739. It is in his honour that the notable Dancing procession of Echternahc takes place annually on Whit Tuesday.

Very old history,just to note ,in 1940 the nazis invaded the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to face later France and UK It is here that the 10th panzer division comes thru with the objective of crossing the Meuse river to reach Sedan.

Some of the things to see here are

The hopping procession of Echternach is a religous procession very unique in many ways. It is at the origin of the history of the abbey of Echternach and its founder Saint Willibrord (658-739) It is an internatinal procession in honor of the Saint Willibrord because of the great number of pilgrims. The first mentioned of this procession dates from the end of the 15C. More on this here:

There is the Roman town of Echternach it is witness to the presence of before the abbey of Echternach. The abbey belonged to Luxembourg with a Roman past. The origins Gallo Roman of Echternach discovered by work done on an artificial lake in 1975-1976. The Roman city is done on a central section of 118 meters by 62 meters and this central section is composed of a monumental room flanked by living spaces like kitchen and bedrooms. Around this central section you have roads taken you to a big triclinium and other to a spa  complex; and from here to the rustic part which was the economic zone that is symmetrically to the left and right of the ramparts walls on th south of the town; composed of at least ten buildings. More here with further link to museum:

The Basilica of Saint-Willibrord was built in the 11C on the spot of a Caroligian Church of which she preserved the crypt. Destroyed in great parts in 1944 during the Battle of the Ardennes but later rebuilt on the identical. In the Crypt there is a neo gothic coffin on a sarcophagi in stone with the relics of Saint Willibrord. On hte vault there is in the choir paintings showing the scenes of teh life of the Virgin.  More here:

There is a beautiful museum in the Abbey part of the building also the Basilica. More here:

Echternach Echternach Echternach Echternach Echternach

Other things to see are the Market Cross, the Justice Cross or Johannes Bertels, the bridge, the lookout, ramparts on th south side of town ,and the old city center.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and it is worth it.

 City of Echternach on tourism in French:

Luxembourg tourist office on Echternach in English:

Tourist office of Echternach:

Hope you enjoy the post, thanks for stopping by. And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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