The quaint town of Ettelbruck and Gen Patton!

We have come to Luxembourg several times over the years and is our favorite little country. It is so nice quaint, clean, efficient, and just gave a good feeling from the first visit in 1991 and it has remained strong ever since. I have many nice memories of my dear late wife Martine here. We used to come just for pizza at Luxembourg city because of the pepperoni style of Pizza Hut in Place d’Armes.

As time went on, we felled comfortable to venture out into other towns in Luxembourg. Finally ,reaching Ettelbruck because of the Patton name to it in 1992. It is not really a tourist city unless you count the museum as a must; it is nice if you like history like me to come once. The town is very nice in city center. Memories of a lifetime.

My previous blog posts on Ettelbruck:

Ettelbruck  is a town in the  canton/region  of Diekirch of which is only 6 km, and 36 km from Luxembourg city, and 365 km from Paris.  There is a train station on the line 1 connecting Luxembourg to  Troisvierges-frontière, and  and No 10 to Diekirch, as well as a road network that is the one I used on the superb A7 (Autoroute du Nord, connecting Luxembourg to Diekirch).  The scenic route we have taken too but longer time is the  N7.

A bit of history I like

Carved out in 1850 districts  of  Birtrange, Erpeldange, Ingeldorf, Niederschieren, and Oberschieren to create the towns of Erpeldange and Schieren. During WWII in 1940 the invasion of Luxembourg by the Nazis the city was taken by the 1rs panzer division that was going to cross the Meuse river in direction to Sedan.

US forces first liberated the town on 11 September 1944 but Germany retook the town on 16 December 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge. US General George S. Patton on Christmas Day, 25 December 1944, led US troops in the final liberation of Ettelbruck from Nazi occupation. One of Ettelbruck’s main squares is named Patton Square, and is located at the exact spot where the German offensive into Luxembourg’s Alzette Valley was stopped, ending its attempt to reoccupy the country as a whole. Since 1954, the town has held a Remembrance Day celebration each July honoring General Patton and the US, British, French, Belgian and Luxembourgish troops who fought with him there.

Things to see

The General George S. Patton Memorial Museum in Ettelbruck honors the general who liberated the town. The museum exhibits photographs, uniforms (both military and prison camp), weapons and documents from the period of Nazi  occupation of Luxembourg (May 1940 to September 1944). The museum was opened on 7 July 1995 and represents a main tourist attraction in the town. More info here:


The Ettelbruck parish church—D’ Kierch Ettelbréck—is a decagonal structure. Restored in 1849, the church contains tombstones dating as far back to the 15C.


Some webpages to help you come to enjoy Ettelbruck to follow

the city of Ettelbruck on tourism in French :

Luxembourg tourism on Ettelbruck:

There you go another spot on the world map , and a nice quaint experience to remember for years to come. Enjoy the post folks.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers!!!

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  1. I remember the wines. They were the best wines I have ever had -truly. And I have had a great variety of wines. They do no export their wine. Seeing a statue of Patton in a town showed the hommage to a man that left his mark on their lives.

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