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May 19, 2018

The big beach ambiance at Carnac, Grande Plage!

Ok rather than make a long post I split in two, the latest on Carnac. As in reality there are two in one with Carnac bourg and Carnac plage.

And here we are on another Saturday already with sunny nice weather temps around 20C or about 70F no rain, just perfect for the beach. We need to move on so with the boys we came back to our family nice beats in our corner of the world. We used to come here a lot with mom as it is only 24 km or about 15 miles from our house.

Proving this love for the area ,I counted 7 posts in my blog on the beach town. Of course, I am talking about Carnac, in the Morbihan Breton.

The town is a must to come with the alignment megaliths stone that are Unesco World Heritage site There is guided visits duration about one hour from the tourist office, where you can go right next to the stones This is the largest megaliths space in Europe! There are about 3000 stones or menhirs here

However, the beach is superb. Great family place in a small compact shopping and eating area all parallel to the beaches. There is a little train or petit train that takes you in one sweep around the megaliths and the beach area with 39 sites narrated  Best to take at Carnac Plage port En Drö for 7,50€ adults and 4,50€ child under 12 It goes from 10h to 17h30 at this time but in summer, July/August it goes from 9h30 to 18h30. More info here:

The beaches are plenty starting looking at Carnac from the right to left you have:: St Colomban on an wall promenade road, and the lookout point of Pointe St Colomban; then comes the Ty Bihan beach, a dent on the continent but nice and smallist, follow by Légenéses beach or plage de Légenéses smallist taken you to the yacht club of Carnac and the Port En Drô harbor to the marshes. Then comes,the Grande Plage or big beach, this is absolutely wonderful and our favorite for hangouts and swimming; follow by a smaller beach of Beaumer ,and then the unique Men-Du beach on a big harbor dent with the possibility in low tides to walk to the island of Stuhan or île de Stuhan on your way to La Trinité-sur-Mer beaches.

The Grande Plage is here on the tourist office of Carnac:

The tourist office of the region Brittany on the Grande Plage:

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on Carnac:

This is a beach site , I follow for several years now and very reliable with good info.

The Yacht Club of Carnac has a webcam on the beaches that is very nice video type showing and I have it on the Grande  Plage:

The Grande Plage is 2 km of fine and beach with a south exposition, with beach cabins is a must for all families ,in season, the beach is with lifeguards protection.  There are two children clubs in season.  The beach is rated A for water safety in France. You won’t go wrong here, and I tell my family this one can match any and I grew up in beach areas in the Caribbean! Parking is available even right along the beach on the boulevard de la plage!


Grande Plage central area


Grande Plage left toward la trinite sur mer


Grande Plage right towards the yacht club


Grande Plage to ave Miln crossing before the blvd de la plage

Here we remember in family coming for our snacks on the boulangerie Mercier on ave des Druides, and the nice cold beers and food at the old Memestra, today another change of owner and name call Lulu à la plage; the shops and restos at le Passage de la Fontaine, and the Club Fisher on the Grande plage itself for drinks and snacks while enjoying the sea , superb. Also, at Quiberon. More here:

Lulu à la plage is here:

We remember the movies at the Rex Cinema, a nice small two screen cinema that is so cool. And of course, the Le Marigny tabac to get our euro million lotto and a café ,just great, my father always ask me to buy here his ticket when around.  Here is the cinema on their Facebook page:


boulangerie Mercier on ave des druides


early for le Fisher club on the Grande Plage


Le Marigny tabac on ave de miln and druids corner

Of course the beach side is a lot more a nice walk on its quaint streets will make you realize this is easy living at its best. Oh the sea is wonderful indeed.

This is  a lovely town ,again I insist a must to see with the family. We love it ,and now many memories for us coming here with my Martine . I hope you enjoy it too as we do. Again, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers! Enjoy the weekend


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