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May 15, 2018

Memories of my Spain, Villanua!!!

This is a road taken many many times since 1990. It nostalgic for me and brings me many good memories now even more. This is the first trip i took with my girlfriend, back in 1990 to show the Frenchie my  Spain; and later my wife for almost 28 yrs before the F cancer took my Martine, away from me recently.

I am talking with deep emotions about a very small town in Spain, call Villanua.

Villanúa is a mountain town in the Province of Huesca and the communidad autonoma de Aragon in northern Spain. It sits at the foot of the peak Collarada with 2 886 meters. The town itself is at 953 meters. It is half way between Jaca and the ski stations of Candanchu , Canfranc ,and Astun and only 12 km from the frontier with France over the Somport tunnel on the road N330 or E-7.


entering Somport tunnel to France



We stopped at the mountain hotel Faus Hutte, Carretera de Francia, Villanùa, Huelva now call hotel LaCasa but a very charming place. We ate right there even waking up the cook, so it became our home as we tried to stop there always on our road trips into Spain. Later it became as still the El Albergue Villanúa.

Very old town was mentioned for the first time in the Cartrusa of Santa Cruz de las Seros in 992 AD   The Church of San Esteban from the 11C inside it has a polychrome St James from the 15C and a Virgin with Child from the 10C or early 11C called here the Our Lady of Angels or Nuestra Señora de los Angeles.

It has the cave of Las Guixas, dolmens or old stone as well as the abandon towns of Cenarbe and Aruej with its small roman Church from the 11C. The old bridge or Puente Viejo from the 12C built by ordered of king Pedro I of Aragon in 1100 the only access to the town until the new bridge in the 1990’s. The adventure park of Parque de aventura de los Arboles El Juncaral. The biggest in the pyrénees.

More tourist interest information to help you plan your visit here

City of Villanùa in Spanish for tourist interest go to El Pueblo,

Tourist page for Villanùa in Spanish:

At the Jaca tourist office more on Villanùa in Spanish :

Region of Aragon tourist office in Spanish on Villanùa too:

province of Huesca with the caves of Villanùa:

It is an excellent base for the skiing station of Candanchu and Canfranc especially and for the lovers of nature and walks, bikes, it is very laidback and the hotel/restaurant we stayed and always stop is still there even if the name has change. Even if we do not stop, we always passed by here at least one way and take a look at the hotel. The story is we arrived very late by 22h or 10pm and the kitchen was closed, but the nice owner open it to serve us and even allow to take pictures of his pyrenian dogs.


Hotel we always stayed Faus Hutte now new name in villanua


up to France Torre de Fusileros in Canfranc

In addition to skiing, the area offers great caves and walk trails in the mountains. Some of the better known caves are Gûixas, Fuente del Candado, Way of Canfranc, new cave or Esjamundo, and Venero. It is ,also, a way to the Camino de Santiago or the way to Santiago de Compostela, many routes pass by here all into the Camino Aragonés.

Memories to last a lifetime at Villanùa. I have many paper photos and with the aid of the internet and wordpress blogs my history can now be kept longer and for more to know the beauty of the mountains of Huesca and Aragon, kingdom of Spain.

Enjoy your week. Happy travels, good health and many cheers!

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