A wonderful garden full of memories! Penhouët.

I want to make a quick post on a wonderful garden. This was found by driving on the expressway N165 from home to Vannes. We saw this planting going on and right away my wife thought this was a garden greenhouse new place been put up.

We waited to be done and she immediately ask me to go there. The family went at exit 29 Arradon on the N165 and go on a small road C5 communal along the expressway until you reach the Pépiniére de  Penhouët in city limits of Plescop.  Huge planting, all kinds of trees and flower plants, landfill dirt and just wonderful service.

My wife fell in love with it, and as she was an avid gardener (me just pay and load!) we came here often ever since about 3 yrs ago. The plants and trees change seasons and we continue to come back. Over  5 hectares and over 120K plants!!!

You have free parking and the garden is right around you, you walk up the main office and warehouse. You can walk all over the garden and or ask help at any time. The service is nice and well informed; you won’t go wrong here.

The official site in French is here:  Pépinière de Penhouët


hilly levels in garden at penhouet


plants trails at penhouet

One of her last wish was she wanted to plant a rose plant in front of the house. Unfortunately she could not due to the f cancer. So therefore, the family on her side gave us the money to buy the rose plants. Of course, we came here with the boys to buy them, 3 of them in different colors. And the filling dirt as well.


rose plants of different color to honor Martine

Tomorrow is May 10 or Ascension Day in France , this is a holiday here. The rising of Christ to his Father. So we are off, and we,also have the bridge or pont of Friday so it is a long weekend and heavy traffics. So we did good in buy it today. We will plant the rose plants tomorrow , me and the boys. Ok update, the roses are planted all looking nice some pictures of the work done. IN memory of mama Martine.


mauve rose penhouet


red yellow rose penhouet


meilland yellow red trim rose penhouet


digging for roses


covering manure dirt on roses


covering roses with manure dirt


done roses planted and son looks on

roses planted and our dog Rex jumps the walls to inspect the work


roses spread out ready for planting

I have given news on the garden center before, this time is a post only on them. I will put some pictures and post it online in my blog.  I take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart all those that either has done a “I Like” in my sad posts , commented or email me in private, thank you very much.

Life goes on, as all tells me. I should be there for my boys. Of course, all is nice. However, you know life will not be same, we just go on surviving with the strength of my 3 boys. I will see what I do to continue the postings as travel will be less, less fun. Thanks.

And ,remember, happy travels are always good for you, good health is a must, and many cheers makes the trip a lot better and fun. Cheers!!




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3 Comments to “A wonderful garden full of memories! Penhouët.”

  1. I love gardening too. I find it very therapeutic and I used to love getting my hands dirty in mine. It’s one of the things I miss about not having a house. Peter and I broke up with a sledge hammer a whole concrete path over 20 metres long to turn it into a border and also created a rockery in a shady corner at the bottom of the garden. Happy memories. We left a lovely garden and a piece of our heart behind in Bognor Regis. Enjoy your garden. ❤

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    • Well friend, I am not into gardens at all, my wife did all the work and I just went for the load and paid. Now the garden is our memorial to her, we keep it best we can and the roses were her last wish. thanks for stopping by

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