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May 2, 2018

The ordeal of saying goodbye to a very loving person, my Martine

I have not yet the will to write anything, as I am in the process of the burial of my wife (see previous post). Today I finalise the contract with the funeral services and the arrangements for the cremation on Monday.

It hard to imagine me writing on travel without my second half around, with me on the road warrior trips we made all over western Europe over the last 27+ years. First coming to meet her and drive around even to Madrid; then the visits coming from Florida and then living in France first at Versailles and then here at Pluvigner and going all out.

I like for me for my blog for my friends and family to post some photos of the ordeal coming up, nice photos nothing sad. We are all very united and strong in the family. I have thought only about 10 will come as they are very far, yet now it’s about 20 plus many friends from previous and current jobs have promise to be there. Talking with nurses and merchants was inspiring the way they talk about my Frenchie , she was very talkative and friendly and made a good impression to all; usually she was the one who presented the folks to me!

She always thought about me and the boys, even on my last magazine purchase at discounts at work I gave it to her to ordered and she did her TV guide and the secrets of history magazine for me! I just got the second issue yesterday.

Our puppy Rex , which she also name after a popular TV series here in Europe, is now grown to over 15 kg and 5,5 months old, sadly she only saw him for 3 weeks. He will be with us for a long time adg. Rex by her is now fully part of the family.

The crematorium ceremony will be held on  May 7 2018 at 10h30 in Plescop near Vannes webpage: Crematorium de Plescop

The funeral house handling is Thétiot of Vannes, Very lady owner with her husband here: Assistance Funeraire Thétiot Vannes

The hospital where she was treated with caring folks is locally known as simply Chubert  Hospital. A bit of history I like on the hospital comes from the site translated : The hospital was an order by king Louis XIV to make it obligatory to have one in the principal cities of the kingdom. The Hôtel Dieu Saint-Nicolas, was founded in 1684 ,and located near the St Patern Church on the farmland of Cosquer. After a period of times,  it was decided to built a bigger hospital on the idea of pavilions of each discipline of sickness and the current hospital is built in the 1930’s on the current site. In 1946, the hospital takes the name of its former vice President, who died in deportation, Prosper CHUBERT. It become a hospital center with school of nurses by 1948.  There is a sister hospital in Auray that had 3 from the 12C to the 17C but only one survived the French revolution, that was the  « Hôtel-Dieu Notre Dame » or « Hôtel-Dieu de la Charité »; the current hospital built in 1970 on the old farmland of Le Pratel, of which it carries the name.  In 2000, the two joint forces to become the Centre Hospitalier Bretagne Atlantique or simply CHBA. More info here: CHBA or Chubert Vannes

I will get it right, hanging in there and now all the sad paperwork begins, picking the death certificate tomorrow. Thank you for putting up with these posts …

Photos with the lake around the hospital at end she look out the window every time.


the spirits and positive attitude was on in room 175 Chubert


Thétiot funeral services Vannes entrance


the warrior in room 175 fighting hard in Chubert


my force at room 175 Chubert hospital


visiting with the boys room 175 Chubert


Chubert hospital main entrance




Blvd de la paix to Chubert hospital lake du duc she look out windows

For life and the pursuit of happiness forever together for the worse and for the best Amen. Happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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