In memoriam my sweet Frenchie!

As my blog is part of my life history and all the wonderful travels done with my family and along throughout the years, I have a very sad news to tell all ,and make part of my blog.

I have no words as this is just been communicated to me by the doctors . My wife of 27,5 wonderful super years have passed away at Chubert Hospital in Vannes. It is a very sad moment for me but writing here is a soothing relief of the great pain I am going thru. We had 3 wonderful young men who are very close to her and me and we are hanging in there and we will survive together. My father still alive at 82 is with us.

The French family has call they are coming  ,and received condolances even from some not heard lately but in these times is when the real friends show up and I am very glad have a bunch.

In just 27,5 years of marriage date was December 26 1990 and her coming birthday was to be September 26 where she would have been 60 yrs old; she died of the lousy sickness of our times pancreatic cancer with intestinal occlusion complications due to the cancer.

In memoriam born in Meaux, dept 77 Seine et Marne, September 26 1958. I had the extreme priviledge of meeting by August 1989 and marrying on December 26 1990 in Daytona Beach Florida USA/ 3 young boys twins of 24 each and older of 26 years old are with me and very supportive. She died  at 19h (7pm) on April 30 2018 in Chubert Hospital (Bretagne Atlantique) in Vannes.

Farewell my Martine ,we will not forget your staunch positive aptitude and so much caring for us . As we had said many times, we take our motto from Alexandre Dumas Three Muskeeteers , ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE. We are together thanks to your example and strenght. God bless you my mamie blue, and may the angels keep you great company as you look after us from your resting place.

We spoked and decided she will be cremated at Plescop, near Vannes and later on the ashes will be deposit in the Atlantic Ocean from Honfleur Normandy. Where my mother was done and where we are all coming.

Thank you all my readers to make it so comfortable to enjoy myself telling you all the good things about travel. I will be back , promise.

22 Comments to “In memoriam my sweet Frenchie!”

  1. No words need be spoken that saddens my heart to read your memoriam. May God have mercy on her soul and bring her into His Heavenly Kingdom. My deepest sympathy to you, Pedro and to your three sons. God Bless, Larry

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  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. There’s nothing anyone can say or do in times like these to ease your suffering. Many condolences.

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  3. Oh, I’m so sorry. Thinking of you and your family.

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  4. well, seems that so many times when I stay off the computer for awhile that when I return there is another sad report; but you all were in my thoughts yesterday, Pedro, and of course I was praying for you, so it is not a shock, but VERY sad and I can just imagine the large hole in your family life without her there to care and continue to do SO much for all of you. The tears are streaming down my face now, remembering the wonderful time in both your homes in Versailles and Auray and the great hospitality and assistance. So glad I got to share your special home in Auray! Trev of course also sends his condolences.

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  5. I am very sorry for your loss and also a bit shocked, as I thought your wife was going to hospital for a second opinion and possibly treatment. I had no idea the cancer was so advanced. I can’t begin to imagine how terribly sad, helpless and empty you and your sons must be feeling. It was frightening enough when my husband was diagnosed in late December 16 with throat cancer, but luckily it was caught in time, although the treatment was very debilitating in itself and the reason why we gave up our teaching jobs, sold our house in the UK and took this year as a sabbatical to get over side effects and regain strength.
    I really feel for you and I know time ans the love and support of your family and frends is the only thing that will help you heal. My most sincere condolences and a big hug to you and your son. Be strong now.

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  6. And best of luck for your husband recovery. this cancer whatever level is bad and no money is enough to stop it.I am with the French foundation of research to find cures but so slow.And late for my wife. Cheers


  7. Pedmar10,
    So sorry for your lost! My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family.

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  8. So sorry for your loss. Wishing peace and comfort to you and your family.

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    It is already one year but the pain still there. Missed my Frenchie!


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